Santander graduate scheme 2017



Thank you! I did the online assessment towards the end of November I believe


Hi all ! Came across this thread trying to find info on anyone receiving a clear response from Santander. @LaylaA which scheme did you apply for? And have you had your interview yet? I applied for the audit scheme and I’m still waiting for a response since the last one on the 4th. Any feedback would be great xx


Hey, I applied for the HR scheme, have you had an interview yet for audit? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response. Still waiting on a call back. Good luck with the rest of your app x


Hi has anyone had an AC for the Global Corporate Banking division. I have mine next week and would really appreciate any tips on what to expect, especially the group exercise! :slight_smile:


Still being considered apparently - I’m beginning to lose hope. What’s taking them so long to review my app (I’m sure others are thinking the same). Their graduate page stated only a couple of weeks but it’s been months now :frowning:


Hello when did your application get through to the next stage (after tests) and did you have a telephone interview?? Thanks


Hey ! How was your AC ? Do they ask a lot of technical questions in the interview ?


How did your interview go, could you give some examples of the questions they asked?
Good luck with your application!


How did your AC go, can you give any info on the day?
Good luck with your application process!


Hey! Have you had your telephone interview with santander?? If so, could you let me know what type of questions were asked? Thanks!


Hi! Could you please let me know what type of questions were asked during your telephone interview please? I’m guessing there’s the standard ‘why santander?’ and ‘why this role?’, but could you mention what other types of questions were asked as well please! Thank you!


The questions were more based around yourself and why you want to work within finance and retail banking in particular. I think its more to see how well you can hold a conversation too. I would suggest learning about the industry and challenges retails banks face atm.
Good luck!


Hi! Thank you for your reply! I had my telephone interview last Monday and it was pretty similar to how you described it!
Have you heard back about an assessment centre yet?


Oh, ok then! No, I haven’t heard back yet about an assessment centre. I only received an email the day after my telephone interview saying that I had passed that stage and they would let me know if I would be called for an assessment centre. Have you had your assessment centre yet?


hi guys, does anybody still remember the video interview questions? except why Santander, why consultants programme, what else would the questions be? could give some tips? I have video interview next week, need some help… thanks in advance


Are you applying for consulting programme? Me too! Does the online test include numerical + verbal reasoning? says personality and numerical test only on the email. How is your prep going for video interview? Cheers


Hi, Andy. Yes, the online test is numerical, situation judgement plus personality, it’s not difficult. I haven’t got the video interview yet. best of luck.


Thanks! Good luck!


they said I pass the online test and invited me to the next stage, but I haven’t received the link for the video interview, have emailed them, I dont know, figure cross. how about you, have you done with the video interview.