Santander graduate scheme 2017



No it is a fictitious company


Anyone heard if they got a telephone interview? Passed the tests a month ago


Not yet, received an email saying Dear Candidate, Thank for applying for Graduate role with Santander. Please be informed that we are currently in the process of shortlisting candidates for the next stage of recruitment process which is a telephone interview. We will be selecting only the top performing candidates for this stage and we would like to confirm that your application is considered however a place is not guaranteed. A member of our team will be in touch with an update in due course. Not sure when they’ll get back to us


Yeah I had the same thing. Sent another email last night and got this:

“Your application is still under review and the results are not yet available. A member of our team will be in touch with an update in due course.”

Hopefully we find out before the new year


We shall see, will keep you posted on any updates


Cheers dude, I’ll do the same


Has anyone heard back from Santander? I had an email 10 days ago saying I had been shortlisted for a telephone interview but wasn’t guaranteed one but I haven’t heard anything since


Hey! No I haven’t heard back yet either. I received the ‘we are currently in the process of shortlisting candidates…’ email on 7th December and haven’t heard back since! Might wait until Friday and then try giving them a call.


Hi, Thanks for the reply. They must have a lot of applications that they have to go through, I’ll do the same and I’ll let you know if I hear anything!


Yes! But hopefully they should get back soon. Ok, sure. Thanks!


Hey, congrats on being shortlisted!! When did you complete the tests? I’m still to hear back


Hi ! Thankyou, I completed the tests about mid November I think and then on the day I recieved a message saying I had passed the tests, then they said they were reviewing my C.V and now this part if that’s any help! Have you heard back since doing the tests?


Hey :). Yeah so passed the tests on the 18th Nov and have received all the generic emails. At this point I just want to know… Good luck with your application, hopefully your Telephone Interview gets locked in!


Hi! Awh good to hear! I know what you mean the wait is killing me! Good luck to yourself as well I will keep you updated if I hear anything!


Hey! I received an email from Santander today saying that my application is still under consideration and they would get back to me ‘in due course’ =)


Hi, yeah I recieved the same email so at least we know that they are still considering us haha!


Haha, yes! Fingers crossed they get back with a response soon and we get through to the telephone interview!


has anyone heard anything since the email assuring us we were still being considered?


Hi all, so I wasn’t very clear in my last post, I passed the online assessments in November and was shortlisted whilst they selected who would proceed to the telephone interview. I then received an email on the 9th Jan that invited me to take part in a telephone interview next week. If anyone has done the telephone interview already I would love to know what kind of questions you got asked. :slight_smile:


Hi, Congratulations and good luck for the interview! Thank you, when did you do the online assessment if you don’t mind me asking?