Santander graduate scheme 2017



Hello everyone,

Hope all the applications are going well! I have a Retail AC this Thursday morning and was wondering if anyone has completed a Retail AC before? If so, could you elaborate about the day?

Best of luck to everyone.


Group exercise on a fictitious company followed by a 1 on 1 interview where you are mainly asked technical knowledge, followed by a presentation on a fictitious company where you need to read a lot of info in a short period of time and present back your findings


Hey guys, with the global corporate banking scheme, does anyone know what the hours/work life balance would be like? I’m guessing the higher pay and line of work means longer than average, but equally is it going to be horrendous? Also, is santander a sociable company to work for? They don’t seem to have many grads and everyone is spread around the country which makes it sound a bit lonely…


Did anyone hear back after AC (26/2/17) for retail and business banking ?


I was told we will find out on the 2nd February


Anyone else receive this email today? “Please be advised that we have made the final decisions and we would like to ensure you that our recruiter, Tracey-Ann will contact you tomorrow over the phone to provide with your outcome.”

Is this a generic email sent to everyone or is this actually just for the people who passed the AC? Thanks


Has anyone got an offer today?


I also got the email yesterday. Haven’t heard anything through today so I called them at about 4:30, they said Tracey-Ann has been in meetings all day but the calls will go out either “in the next half an hour or tomorrow”, seeing as its 5:50 now, I’m assuming the calls will go out tomorrow!


Unless they gave all the offers out today and will do the rejections tomorrow. This is soo stressful. I feel as though the email sent yesterday has made the wait worse lol


Have you heard anything today?


Have you heard back today?


Heard nothing, literally on the phone to them right now, will let you guys know when I find out anything


Still nothing!


Just got off the phone with the resourcing team, they’ve said “we are chasing Tracey-Ann to do these phone calls but she had some unexpected tasks to complete today, and there have been problems with her computer system so it’s unlikely the calls will be made today”


Ahhh so stressful. I wouldn’t have minded as much if they didn’t send out that email! Good luck anyway and thanks for the info


Has heard anything back from Santander yet? Retail and business banking?


Any tips for the AC and especially for the individual presentation please?


Heard back that my AC was successful but the 11 places had been filled - I’m on a waiting list but no idea where on the list


Group Exercise - Listen to others, speak clearly, make sure you stick to time and come up with a few original points (do not dominate conversation)
Interview - Prepare a few competencies, normal motivational qs and answer scenario questions using common sense
Presentation - Impossible to read all information so identify the key factors and make rational recommendations


Does the presentation require any technical knowledge or mathematical knowledge or depth knowledge on Santander? Thank you very much!