Santander graduate scheme 2017



Well done!! For which office?




Same! Did she say something to you about a WhatsApp group


Yeah she said she will send us an invite to join!


Oh great! Do you know when?


Nope, but assuming it could be after they send out the offers via email?


Yeah fair. Did she tell you which London office?


Nope she didn’t mention it


Are people project managers or business analysts ?


Business analyst, you?


Project manager, is analyst what you wanted?


Yeah, I picked it during the application. Was project manager what you wanted?


Don’t want to sound like an idiot but how are all these people that have recently replied to this thread (Michaela , benben etc) talking about assesment centres? i though the role only opened a few days ago?

Thanks in advance !


This was for January 2019 start


Thanks for the reply. When did this open for applications? Would be good to know so that I could apply next time incase I don’t get this grad scheme coming up


Bare in mind this wasn’t an intake for their regular programmes, this was for the graduate consultant programme! I applied late July!


okay thanks for letting me know!

Also has anyone done the game styled assesment they do in the Tests after youve applied? would just like an idea of what its like and how to prepare.

How are they compared to PWC for example


Hello there,

Would you please share what type of questions to expect on the video interview? I am having mine in two days.


Hi Michaela, congratulations on starting the new job in January. I just submitted my application for the role of business analyst. Would you be able to shed some light on the application process? I have just received the online test, so I would really appreciate anything you’d like to share.


Has anyone done the video interview for Corporate And Commercial Banking?