Santander graduate scheme 2017



No I applied for the January start! I thought the October slots had already been filled?


The suspense is killing me! :rofl:


Maybe the assessment centres had when you passed your video interview! I’m not sure though


I feel like I would have had a call by now haha


Me too, just waiting for someone to already say they had a call :joy:


I know! I’m at the point where I just want to know either way now!


Lol I got a rejection call but the feedback was quite thorough for once.

Although I think some of the feedback was highly subjective.


Oh really. Not to worry - there will be another grad scheme out there for you! What was your feedback? I’m sure I’ll be getting a similar call any moment now!


Although the interview is pretty informal and the interviewer is just there making notes, i’d add a lot of detail and examples in future. Answers can be too brief (e.g. one sentence) , the interviewer should not really need to prompt.

Also, general etiquette is very important, although subjective. It covers your back, e.g. going straight into questions in the role play even though its five minutes without a pleasant introduction. Mine apparently was too brief although they seemed happy enough with the answers.

Also, adding enough in the group roleplay from the information apparently.

The part which I really just disagreed with is that I was too assertive on the presentation, I don’t think i was really that assertive. Again , highly subjective. So, a lot of my feedback was around etiquette and how they saw me as a person.

Yeah, wasn’t meant to be I guess and will look at other graduate schemes.


I’m sorry to hear that! There’s definitely something else out there for you! Were you in the earlier assessment centre?


No, Santander was the only bank I went for and I was a bit older than the other candidates.

The cv application process, the psychometric testing and the video interviews were a very pleasant process imo. But, definitely I am going to get more training on how to pass the assessment centres.

I just fundamentally disagree with the feedback being that I was intimidating and assertive however… If it was concerning rapport then yeah I could have built more rapport , but intimidating? No. I could see the points regarding the other feedback however re details and general intros. Will take the rapport side more seriously with future applications.


What date was your assessment centre Chantelle? Just working out when I should expect a call!


By the way, is there any website which you use to know which bank graduate scheme openings are out there or upcoming?


Target jobs, milkround, linked in job board! There’s quite a few open for next year already! E.g Barclays, EY, PWC, Deloitte!


Has anyone else heard anything?


Chantelle when did you have your AC?


I just got an offer about an hour ago, anyone else?


Yep yep I accepted!! And in the Milton Keynes office :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️


Nope, I think we will hear back tomorrow or Wednesday!


Has anyone heard back today?