Santander graduate scheme 2017



How did you feel it went? Did you have a good group?


On the day there were only 3 of us, as the other 3 backed out last minute. I think I had a good group, they were both really well spoken so the group work went really well. Did you?
I think the day went quite well, but I struggled towards the end of the interview. How did you think it went for you?


That’s good! Well done! I had a very strong group - they were all really friendly, confident and knew their stuff. My tasks went well (I hope anyway), but I think my group work let me down.


When I sat the assessment centre we were informed by HR that we would be given news today but that may have changed now.

As for the the day itself, the people were very friendly and I felt the role play and the group exercise went well. I felt like I could work with the people in my group for sure as we all brought our own strengths to the table. Like Michaela, I was a bit stuck at the end of the final interview though.

If my educated guess is right, we have about a one in four chance of getting a place. So it certainly is competitive.

Wait and pray I guess.


Yeah exactly! What sort of questions did you go through for the interview? I had a really hard one on digitalisation at one point!


Hello Ben,
I did not have a question on digitalisation but I did have one which asked me how I have been innovative. That one threw me off for sure. I think I would have been able to answer any digitalisation question funnily enough , but the question I had was difficult for me personally.


Oh I see. Yeah I know. Different for each person I guess! From what I can see, a lot of the people who have the October starting consultant roles have been placed in Milton Keynes - so there’s a good chance a lot of the candidates will be asked to locate there. Purely speculation though, obviously!


I was told there were 40 open positions, I’m not sure how many assessment centres they had or whether that was true but that’s what one of the HR people told me in the day!


I was told the same thing during mine, 40 places. And also yes, for the consultant roles we will be in Milton Keynes if successful.


Are there none open in London?


Can you guys share any of the questions that they asked you in the AC personal interview besides digitalization and innovation? Were there any technical questions about consulting?


No nothing technical. More motivational based for me. I thought all the assessment centres had finished for the consulting grad scheme?


I’m preparing for internal audit AC. What was the case study about? Every AC got the same case?


Yeah, mine is for London but it’s January start! I was asked right after video interview


Wait you already have an offer??


Nope, but I was asked before the assessment centre where I would want to be located!


They immediately assume you want to be allocated at Milton Keynes because it said “for London opportunities choose Milton Keynes” when she mentioned Milton Keynes to me I said no because it said London too! It was a week after I signed my new lease so there was no chance I could move out of London for at least another year!


Do you think there would be flexibility to get a London spot if they originally offered MK?


Maybe if people who originally get offers for London decline?


Did you all apply for the October/November start?