Santander Graduate 2019


Wow maybe. Did u or anyone you know get this ? Congrats if so


For me it just said they’re still reviewing. Did yours say you’ve passed? Congrats if so!


I got this email on wednesday. Basically a near identical repeat of what they send 2 weeks prior. But im applying for the internship, not the grad programme.


Anyone get an AC or further emails ?


Still nothing. Getting kind of ridiculous now, its been months.


Nothing either


Did you get the ac?


anyone got an audit ac coming up? or done one already


I know people have started getting AC invites for the internship in CIB. Wondering if this means the invites for the graduate scheme are also out, since some companies (like KPMG) do just throw all interviewees together.

Anyone get an invite to an AC for the graduate scheme in CIB yet?


Looks like AC invites are starting to go out, my mate got one. Anyone in this group got one for CIB or Corporate and commercial banking


not heard anything yet, getting nervous now. what department did he get one for?


Anyone here done the Consultancy AC 3 weeks ago, and got a reply? This is so stressful!


did they invite them for a specific date yet? I got an email saying I was being considered for next stage which is AC but nothing else …


What day did you get this email? (want to work out if they’re still going through them or if they batch sent out invites to people they’ve already decided on)


Specific date. Can’t remember but either CIB or Corporate


This is what I’m tryna figure out. Whether they’ve sent all the invites or are inviting certain people slowly slowly


I got it today in the morning


What role? And let us know if you get another update


did they get back to you? i did my ac yesterday


Hey. No I haven’t. I did my AC 3 weeks ago and was told that will get a reply this week. But I find it highly unlikely that will happen! Did they tell you when you can expect a reply back?