Santander Graduate 2019


Abt what day you got the call, I have some missed calls but not sure if they are


30 jan


The day is just so close, keeping hope. Thanks you and gook luck my friend!


Anyone invited to an AC for the corporate investment banking internship??? I just got an email last week telling me to wait…


I’ve got like a few reminders from them that they are still processing applications and that i should be patient. Like i did my video interview in the end of December…how much longer should I wait for a response. BTW I applied for audit.


Same! Got 2 emails from them saying that they’re still looking the videos. Did it 2 months before!


Looks like the same situation for most people, even on different streams
Some have the assessment centre for audit next week… they’ve started to respond to the video interviews

Since audit AC’s appear to be next week maybe wait until lunchtime tomorrow, if you don’t receive a call/ email just ask for an update yourself


Realistically, it’s most likely a rejection. The reason why you guys are still waiting is just incase someone drops out of an AC last minute.


They must have genuinely had a lot of applications for investment Banking and corporate banking if theyre taking thiss long to go through video interviews. Remember they also closed the applications early because of the high interest


Usually I would agree, but I haven’t heard of ONE person on multiple forums say they have heard back from Santander with an invite so…


Hello guys,

I have applied for CIB and I have received an email from them couples of days ago asking my visa situation and my school marks, so I would agree with the last two comments, we are still under review, at least the CIB program.



Wasn’t that stuff asked in the application stage?


You probably passed the Video interview and they want to confirm your results ? Otherwise they wouldn’t care about that stuff if you were going to be rejected


Ok cool. Is this referring to Audit or CIB?


audit, not sure about CIB. My friends that applied to CIB didnt get a response yet


Yes, I know, it was like a confirmation of my status.


Hope so :slight_smile:


Anyone on the CIB graduate program get another email today saying they are still reviewing apps?


So looks like some people have been rejected and everyone else has had an email saying they are still reviewing ?


Were the emails saying that you’ve passed the video interview but they’re still reviewing others before they shortlist people for the AC?