Santander Graduate 2019


Yea no reply for assessment centre here either. Think the corporate banking role and the investment role that have both closed defo haven’t started inviting people yet because no one has said they’ve received it yet.

Can’t say about others yet. Hopefully we’ll get some good news soon !


Yeah i haven’t heard back after VI which I did a while ago for Corporate Banking


Hi, Do you know what is the AC date? I haven’t heard anything from my last VI submit on 24 Dec@@. Thanks mate


It looks like the CCB and CIB streams haven’t invited for AC’s yet
At least from everyone on this forum

I’m confident we’ll hear something really soon, and (assuming we get an invite) it just provides us with more time to prepare and consolidate for the AC/ interview


Serious Q but how are you preparing for AC already ?

Just researching the company every day ?


Anyone heard back about commercial and corporate banking scheme yet after the VI?


Nope, nth yet. It’s been a really long while now


anyone got an AC for audit 13th feb?


Hi, Are you invited? When did they email you for the AC?


I have been rejected today.


Hey, so sorry to hear this. But which stream was the rejection for?


Investment Banking


yeah i do


Hi, When did you apply? I applied from xmas but still have no any answers, they just sent some emails saying I need to wait.


around xmas too, i was initially put on a waiting list for the AC. A day later I got the call saying I’ve got a place for audit on the 13th feb


Did they said on email you are on a waiting list. On my email, they just said someone will be in touch in two weeks. and that’s all. So nervous


What role is this for ?


I applied for audit


nah, i just got a call saying i passed but im on the waiting list. A day later they called again and said i got a place


theres only 2 acs for audit, 12 and 13th feb bro