Santander Graduate 2019


Yeah it Was just the same email as before saying they are still reviewing applications. Did you get a response for the interview?


I would focus more on the role right now
From what I can remember it wasn’t too focused on them as a company

They want to see your motivations and whether you’d be able to succeed in the position
So be sure to highlight those aspects

What are your motivations?
Why would you succeed?

I wouldn’t write out answers, just bullet points for prompts, it’s also more natural this way

Which vacancy are you applying for?


Yeah, got the same email again

pm me if you can




have you heard back yet?


Hi everyone, anyone else here got an invite for an AC? I got a call today to invite me for one, for Consulting.


how long after your video interview did you hear back from them?


Had two emails explaining a delay to a potential response… How long after your interview did you get an invite?

When do you have your AC? And good luck!


Hey. I did my VI halfway December and got an email for a shortlist on the first days of January. Good Luck!


Hi have you applied for Jan intake or summer intake?


To be honest, I’m not sure. How would you check that, as during the application I don’t remember picking a start date


I think it’s January/ asap intake by default
If you’re at university still you would select this during the application process and the application would be under consideration for September entry


Ahh ok thanks, makes sense


Hey, when is your assessment centre?


Anyone heard back after the Video interview for Corporate investment? I received two emails about delay but nth since


Hey. Its next week.


Seems like no one has gone to the AC yet for 2019 intake… can’t really find out what to expect from previous AC attendees.

Thank you,


Do you have an AC soon as well? I find it odd that no one here has had any responses yet!


Different stream but same here, third email just came through!


anyone been invited to audit ac? Got an email about a month ago saying i passed the VI, but no email since.