Santander Graduate 2019


just received an email saying i passed video interview and that they are shortlisting again for the ac. anyone else?


What role ?


@anontc when did you complete your video interview?




not sure, but a while back now


Hi all. I have just applied for the internship position and am looking for some advice on the online test. The email says that it will include numerical and personality questions and take 35-40 minutes (untimed). I have heard that the numerical questions are game-based. I would also really appreciate some more information about the situational and personality tests


hi, i have my video interview coming up.
what kinda questions do they ask?
do the generic Why santander, why this role come up?


Hi, can anyone offer any advice on the Video Interview?? Thanks!


Can you please share some information about your video interview (questions, topics, minutes for prep, etc)? Many thanks and happy new year!



Given everyone who takes the interview now a massive advantage, unfair to all those who sat it previously. Well done.


Hey, I’m also not sure to how to PM. Could you PM me too please.


Hello, did anyone else receive a response from the video interviews?.. I got one a few days ago explaining the delay in the replies.

I’m still preparing for a potential assessment centre anyway, who else is in this position?


I’m still waiting for a response and got the same email last week. Hoping to hear back in the next week or so, did my interview ages ago


What was the lay out of the video interview? How many questions and what were the types of questions being asked, were they specific to the role you were applying for? Any help will be greatly appreciated


I think we will have a response this week, I’m assuming the start date (or last possible start date is 31/01)?
That still leaves suitable time for a potential positive reply, assessment centre, review and offer

Are you or have you been preparing for the potential next stage?


You have one minute to prep and a maximum of three minutes to answer
The email describes that the interview is to identify your eligibility, motivation and potential… so I would look to cover those aspects

My thoughts before my interview were that they just wanted to get to know me, my reasons for applying and why I think I would be able to succeed…

I hope this helps

I would say just dress appropriately, have lots of water nearby, make sure you’re in a quiet well lit place and try to remain calm.

They aren’t trying to trick you and just want to see if you know your stuff; about the role and/ or company… you’re allowed to be nervous - they even say they’re only interested in the content of your answers

Good luck!


thank you, did you need do any general research on santander or just the role? Going to give the video interview a go later on! Thanks!


Haven’t started preparing for an AC yet, I’m sure they’ll give plenty of notice for them anyway. How have you been preparing?


I would do research on both the role and the company. It’s not too bad an interview in my opinion just make sure you know what the role actually entails as well, was a few questions based on that


Did you get an email today?