Santander Graduate 2019


Sounds like most others, thanks mate !


anyone applied for audit got an video interview invite


could you share on what the questions were like?


just completed my video interview, pm me if you need help


Apologies for late reply, questions were more opinion based, and they also asked about the role, be ready to mention the skills that you would bring to the company and your motivation to join Santander.


how do I pm you? can’t find the message button next to your name.


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I applied Friday and no video invite yet? :man_shrugging:. It says that I passed tests? Guess I didn’t make screening?


Hi, I’m about to submit my application. How many days do they give you to complete the online assessments? I’m just a bit busy with uni at the moment so wanted to know the timeframe. Thanks!


They ask you to complete the tests in 5 days after you receive the email from them.


@biggzalaz what program did you apply for?



I’m not sure how to PM. Could you maybe PM me please?



Hi, Corporate Investment Banking


They take a while to send you the video invite, if you passed then it’ll likely be coming soon.


hi I was wondering what does the last test disconumber mean

so confused


Has anyone heard back after the video interview yet?




They said it will take up to 2 weeks to hear back. So probably early January?


Could you pm me too pls


I just finished my video interview a few days ago, called them yesterday and they said we should expect answer either before the holidays or after new years. I am applying for Internal Audit