Santander Graduate 2019


what is the interview question? like strengths or motivation ?


about half and half


half motivation and half competency, not really strengths




Thanks for the help!

I wouldn’t worry too much about the feedback. I think it’s a bit random. I literally just got mine now, others got it immediately

How was your feedback btw ? Mine was good for most of it apart from one where it said I wasn’t very good

Also said I scored in top 3rd for the gamed tests


Hey, are the questions somehow close to what I have posted?


Feedback was good for all except one as well, said I scored in the average range for the games


Yeah pretty much, although they’re worded differently and the way the questions are structured threw me off a bit


great, thank you, would be really nice if you could post what you remember, so we could prepare. hanks in advance. Cheers.


Not really wanting to post too much as i’m sure a few of us are applying for the same jobs. Will say don’t worry too much about it though, compared to other interviews that i’ve done (and been terrible at) this one was fine! Just look at their core competencies and prepare for questions on those


Sure, wish you luck! Thanks :slight_smile:


hi. was the video interview with a member of staff or was it all pre-recorded?


Pre recorded


Thank you. Doing my video interview on Tuesday. Can you give any advice on whether it will be motivation, competencies or strength questions? And what kinda questions shall i prepare for


Hi, just wondering when did you finish doing the online test and how long after finishing it did you find out if you have to do the video interview?


finished mine last friday, got told i passed same day and video interview invite on wednesday, takes 3 working days i think


Thanks. How many days do they give you to complete the video interview? is it 5 days again like the online tests?


Was it motivation and competency questions only? Or was there also strength questions?


Can anyone let me know how many Q’s there were roughyl? and also how long to prepare for each one


I had 7 questions overall, and they give you 1 min to prepare the answer before recording starts.