Santander Graduate 2019


would assume anywhere between 34-40 ish ? roughly

How long after you took the tests did you get the invite?


Did the test Thursday 22nd, immediately got an email saying i passed and my application would be passed on to the Screening Team, got an invite yesterday (Tuesday 27th) to complete the Video Interview


Also applied to corporate banking, what office did you apply for?

Think it says competitive because it’s in a lot of different locations whereas most of the others are London not sure though


Hi, I just got the invitation. I would be really appreciated if you could share with me some qns!


Congratulations! Got mine today as well. Would that be possible that you could share with me some qns?


Hello guys, I have got a video interview invitation as well, was hoping to get some insights here about the quetions to expect apart from “why santander” and “why the role”. If you have got anything, please share. thanks.


Sorry, I have a very important exam and I haven’t done my video interview. Would be great if you could share with me some insights if you are going to do! Thank you.


has anyone done the video interview yet?


Hi. i also applied to audit. but I was still not done the test. how do you think the online test? is it hardly?


yep all competency and motivation no technicals etc


How did you find it? Any questions regarding the issues facing the sector you’re applying for or anything?


when you got the email which said you passed ? when you finished the test immediately ? or waiting for a few days?


Hi, I just got an email asking for me to do a untimed online test, which from what I made of the email is a single test which they say will be multiple choice and have a mixture of numerical and personality questions. I was just wondering if anyone has done this test and can let me know what type of numerical questions get asked and what type of personality questions? Cheers


yeah within a few hours i got result

the maths tests are game styled just quick maths in your head and remembering stuff


okay thanks, were they hard or easy? and were the personality questions just standard agree or disagree?


it is game numerical assessment, I just done it




Hi guys, I have searched the potential questions we could face on the video interview; however nobody shared anything so far, so I would like to share the questions I found that were shared by a last year applicant that had a telephone interview, so the questions are below:

Motivation Questions

Why financial sector?
Why Santander?
What markets does Santander operate in?
Why corporate banking?
What do you think you’ll be doing on a day to day basis?

Competency Questions

Tell me a time you’ve delivered exceptional customer service?
Tell me a time you’ve worked in collaboration with a team?
Tell me a time where you’ve solved a problem that helped you meet your targets?
Tell me a time you’ve made a decision that wasn’t popular?

If you found smth else, please share.


Yeah if anyone has done it already and can give us some good tips iwould appreciate it !


Just finished the interview, couple of tough questions but nothing too worrying, think i messed up on one of the questions pretty badly though haha. Got feedback from the online assessment as soon as the interview was done which was weird.