Santander Graduate 2019


exactly. especially when the last few emails said they were sorry and its taking so long because they want to review all applications before deciding who goes through to the AC… when there was already an AC scheduled for the next few days…
Not a company I’d want to work for anyway if thats how they deal with the application process

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Hi, when was your AC? I was told that we would get the result in 5-7 working days…


was a thursday for CCB Grad.

DM me if you would like so we can discuss mate


just dm me on here its easier


anyone had a reply regarding the outcome of their AC ?


Yea anyone had a reply from Santander AC?

Either accept / reject / reserve list ??

Cheers guys! x


No one heard back yet for accept / reject / reserve in any stream ?


Hi have you heard anything back? I just got another mail today stating that they will look for applications in next intake.


What do you mean ? Intake for next year ? How far did u get with the last application


I have got to go to the AC on thrusday


They called earlier today to inform that there will be another intake this year. I got a mail few months ago that they have progressed my application for AC stage but since then no progress was made so technically not sure whether its a reserve list or not. What stage are you one?


Thats great! All the best for it! What program is it?


What program and level have both you guys been offered an AC for ?

Just trying to figure it out because I’m currently on reserve so would be surprised if they did another AC for my stream and not told me and just kept me on Reserve


Im doing Digital Engineering- Digital Technology which is level 6. i was on the reserve and then got the offer to go on thursday this mornign via a phone call. There is also another assessment day on the 2nd of may i think.

What program are you guys on?


Everyone I’ve spoken to so far has been placed on the reserve list so if anyone has been accepted or even rejected please let me know would really appreciate it !!!



i went yesterday after being put on the reserve list


How was it?




No I meant that everyone I’ve spoken to who has aleady had an AC has been placed on the reserve list.

Really need to speak to someone whos been to an AC and been accepted or rejected.



Just been informed that I have an offer for the apprenticeship.