Santander Graduate 2019


Anyone heard back post ac for consulting yet?


Yeah just received an offer 30 mins ago!


Anyone is in the same situation like me? I was applying for Audit from 12 Jan. After submitting my video interview, they asked me for a visa check, then they sent me an email said that they would assure someone will be in touch with me in two week.

Till now, I have received 2 same emails saying that my application is still under review. I called them. They just sorry due to high volume of candidates and gave me same answers like emails. Don’t know how much longer to get a response from them? is there still any AC invitation sent out guys?


I sent them an email directly and got a response from someone in HR telling me to wait…but apparently ACs for all programmes are running to may. at least that’s what i was told in the email


Has anyone received any AC invitations for corporate and investment banking? Any dates?


e-mail followed up by phone call


To be honest, my friend was given only two dates to choose from and both of those dates have gone now. So I don’t think they will have any more AC dates for Audit. I’m pretty certain they’ve already selected people to hire but companies generally keep other people in consideration in case people pull out.


Anyone heard anything for commercial banking?


Hi, the AC for CCB is this Thursday. I received my invite about 3 weeks ago now so hope you guys hear back soon


Congratulations and good luck!
Any idea of how many people in your session, or how many ACs being held?


Anyone else receive another under review email this week?


Thank you!

There are two AC sessions throughout the day - a morning and afternoon one, each with 6 candidates.

I am unsure as to how many will be held, but don’t give up hope if they are still emailing you saying that your application is under review!


how many people will they take on from those 12 do you think ?


Another email saying they’re still reviewing my video interview, kind of given up now


for? CIB internship?


just got another ‘please be patient’ email…if a CIB AC has been held already, anyone want to (in loose detail) give a general description of how it was???


I don’t think they did CIB ACs yet … from what I gather everyone has been told to be patient and wait a few more weeks


Got a rejection email today saying they’ve filled all positions for commercial and corporate banking. Not bothered as I’ve accepted a different offer but it’s absolutely shocking that they took as long as they did to get back to everybody.


Got the same rejection email today. Honestly banks are a fucking joke. The way they reject you makes it sound like they don’t even review your application before rejecting you. The whole idea that they filled the programme even though they took 3 bloody months to let us know is an honest joke. The recruitments of these companies is so poor and really is not fair on applicants who have waited patiently all for nothing. It’s symbolic and appalling.


anyone here been to an AC for Corporate and Commercial Banking Graduate and had a reply ?