Santander Graduate 2019


Any general tips on the AC, also was it at Triton Square?


From what I can see
The audit replies were sent out a week before the assessment centres were held (which were a few days ago)
Investment banking is starting to send out invites, I’m assuming the assessment centres are next week
Still nothing on Corporate and Commercial banking


just be patient lads, for aduit i was put on a waiting list initially. Then a day later was lucky enough to be invited to the AC.


I have got a call from them couple of days ago, they said I am in reserve list for CIB AC which means if someone drops out, they will put me in :slight_smile: kinda weird, but hey, its still good news :slight_smile:


Anyone else get put on the reserve list for Corporate banking or Investment banking


how do I know if I am in the reserve list? What did your email say?


Phone call. Not sure if this means ACs are full or that the reserve list people will be moved onto new ACs


Was this for a grad scheme or internship? I got an email saying my application is still under review on Friday for the grad scheme




anyone received any offers or rejections?


Nope… You?


when did u do ur ac?


About a month ago


a month? LOL maybe call them up? At my ac they told me upto 5 working days after the final AC


anyone whos done the AC please DM me. Would like to get some more info - (willing to pay £££)


Pm Me


anyone recieve an email about the ac outcomes?


I know someone who received a job offer today, for the Audit scheme. I did my video interview for the RBB 9 days ago, haven’t heard anything yet.


Do you know how they’ve received i.e through email or a phone call?


Has anyone received a AC invite for Summer Internship Corporate & Investment Banking?