Santander Graduate 2019


was ur ac in london? and yeah they said within 5 working days


how did u think ur ac went? what was the hardest part


That’s odd. When I did my AC they said they will come back to us when they have finished all AC’s, for which I was told the last AC to happen for Consultancy was last week. So I’m surprised there’s still AC’s happening but hey!

The hardest part for me was the group exercise. Tbh the scenario that they gave us completely messed up everyone’s presentation but somehow I managed :smiley:


Yeah it was in London with a group of 5


i applied to audit and there was only 4 acs for it, i was the third ac and it was with a group of 4 people. They said theres only 10 places for audit. I found the interview kinda hard, it was heavily based on the role i applied for.


Ohhh my bad. I thought you applied for Consultancy so you probably have no idea about the group exercise scenario I’m referring to :smile:


was it secureface


Yeah it was!


yeah we had the exact same ac, just for a different role. I was interviewed my 2 recent graduates which i thought was unfair becuase they just couldnt hold a conversation. Everyone else had the managers that day


Oh wow, I also had a graduate but it was actually a very calm interview tbh.


So…CIB AC invites starting to creep out. Anybody have any idea just how many ACs they might hold for the Internship?


Received my CIB graduate assessment day invite :slight_smile:


congrats! when are you going? can you give us some tips?


Just got another email saying I’m still under review for commercial and corporate banking. Anyone else?


Yeah I got something similar for CIB a few minutes ago.


Theyve already sent some AC invites even though people are getting ‘under review’ emails

Do you think this means they’re gonna reject everyone left or that they would still invite people to ACs

I find it hard to beleive they would stagger out the AC invites. They normally only do that after they’ve reveiewed everyone’s application


Congrats ! What date was this for ? Thanks


So as I understand it some people are getting specific date invites, others are getting a “you passed the video but need to wait” and others are getting “video under review” ??

This is so confusing haha!


Hopefully they’ve sent invites for the people they’ve reveiewed so far and might potentially increase the number of people’s they take on and gold more ACs after these ones