Santander Graduate 2019


Anyone here applying to the Santander graduate scheme this year?


Yes applied to audit and passed the tests yesterday. Application is now been screened wbu


Applied to Corporate and Commercial Banking. About to sit the test - what was it like? Hard? I saw that it isn’t timed which takes a bit of the pressure off


Not too bad. Situational first, then personality test, then some game styled tests


can someone let me know what the game styled tests at the end are like ?

how would it compare to the PWC one for example?


GT an email saying I passed. Need to wait 2 weeks now on outcome. Let me know if anyone is on the same stage / further than me


What did u apply for


corporate and commercial banking

i assume from the email i received that after everyone has taken the test theyll look through the applications of those that have passed and cut it down again and then proceed to the video/phone interview.

Theyll either look through each CV or theyll just increase the pass mark


how was ur feedback


No feedback just tells us if you passed

You done yours ? How was it


anyone got video inteview?


Nope not yet

When did you get yours ? And did u have feedback on your online tests ?


just got mine this afternoon. Feedback was pretty strong


Well done mate!

Didn’t actually get any feedback once i completed the tests, just an email saying I’d passed and would received an update in a couple weeks.

Did you get a separate email for feedback?

Might depend on the role we all applied for or when we took the tests.


Well done! Do they explain if the video interview is a case study type like HSBC and Deloitte do, or a competency/strengths based one?

Also is it pre recorded questions or with an actual person? Their website doesn’t make this very clear. Thanks!


Hey did you get immediate feedback for your Online tests?

and was it in a separate email?



i got my feedback immediately


Think is pre recorded questions. Doesn’t specify whether its strengths or competency.


think the email with feedback didn’t come through properly as another email came through saying “we recently emailed you that you have passed”

Anything of note on the feedback like how well you scored on the games? feel like it would all mostly be generic

Hoping they send me an invite for the vid soon


Got an invite to video interview yesterday for Corporate Investment Banking… Has anyone here done it and can share the questions? Also, does anyone know the salary for Corporate Investment Banking Graduate Scheme? It says the others are £30k but just says competitive for CIB?