Santander Finance Scheme



Hi there,

Just had an interview for Santander.
I got asked the following questions:

Why the financial sector?
Why Santander?
Why this business area?
Tell me about a time when you've displayed exceptional customer service.
Tell me about a time when you've worked in a team.
Tell me a time you had to make a difficult decision

There were the usual follow up questions like:
What did you learn ?
Why was the decision difficult?
What did you have to consider when making the decision?

Hope this helps


Hi rc1234. Thanks very much for sharing, and congrats for making it to the telephone itw. Do you mind telling me how long in advance you were notified that you would have the interview and how long it took them to let you know you were succesful at the online test?


Hey Abccba,

They didn’t give me any notice, apart from an email that stated, if you are successful with the test, they will be in contact within the 5 next days (from 28th Nov).

My process was:
I got an email from them last Monday (25th November) asking me to do the numerical test by Wednesday (27th November). I did the test on Tuesday (26th November) and they got back to me on the Friday (29th November), they actually called me and said they wanted an informal chat, but I wasn’t able to as I was at work so I rescheduled it to Monday (2 December).

Hope this helps.


Thanks for sharing, I just had my phone interview and the questions were similar. I had to complete the numerical test by Wednesday 27th November. They got back to me on Monday 2nd December and I had my phone interview the following day.


Heard back yet ao234?


Thanks RC1234. It was really helpful. I was contacted later that day and booked an itw for today. My interviewer (very nice btw) told me they’ll start getting back to people on Friday.


To anyone interested, the questions are the same as those mentioned by the OP. One further question was “What do you think your day-to-day activities will be?”


hey i also had it today, same questions as OP but a couple of extra competency questions that kind of threw me off. I think I answered well but we will see Friday. AC is on Tuesday, everything is short notice.

Anyone have any idea about the AC format?


Anyone being contacted for AC yet? still waiting…


Nothing here. This doesn’t bode well.


Has anyone being contacted about AC now? its 5.30pm, would like to believe certain people have been contacted. I’m tired of waiting


Everyone is really quiet! No one??


Not for me~ weird


Yea! Really weired. Don’t know if to just give up or keep expecting. Was thinking if someone had heard back, then I’ll know it’s all over.


Nothing yet either, probably not through considering the AC is on Tuesday!


Me neither, nothing yet. 18:52, anyone accepted?


Erm!!! Maybe they haven’t contacted people. I’m thinking there has to be at least one person on this forum who made it through.


they are going to contact people Monday for assessment center Tuesday, and it’s going to be one failed ass AC


so has anyone heard anything?


I have not heard from them either. I sent them an email this morning to ask about the outcome but still no reply. Its a shame I guess, I thought I had a great interview. Good luck to those who got accepted to the ac.