Santander Customer Advisor Assessment centre




I’ve been invited to attend an Assessment Centre with Santander for the position of Customer Advisor in their contact centre.

Has anyone had an AC for this role and what should I expect?



Thank you so much, that will be very helpful



I have my assessment centre day coming up soon and am totally unsure as to what type of exercises/questions I may be asked.

How was your assessment centre? Any tips or advise would be much appreciated.

Thank you



I have my assessment centre day coming up soon and am totally unsure as to what type of exercises/questions I may be asked.

How was your assessment centre? Any tips or advise would be much appreciated.

Thank you



I have my assessment centre day coming up next week and I am aware that ill have around 4/5 competency based questions and a role play, most likely to be very similar as to my phone interview that I had today.

I will post as much information as possible once I have been to my assessment day.

But in the mean time, if anyone has any relevant information I would be grateful.

Thank you


Hi sifrahim,

how did your assessment day go… is it for the customer service advisor role?
please post info.


Hi Guys,

I had the assessment day for Customer Telerelations yesterday and was successful, and I said to myself if I was successful I would post as much advice all over the internet as I could to help everyone else in their job applications.

Recruitment process is as follows:
Stage One: Online Application
Stage Two: Pre-Screening Telephone Call
Stage Three: Telephone Interview
Stage Four: Assessment Centre

Stage One: Is pretty much self-explanatory, though they said that behind the scenes, they screen your CV, so make sure it is upto scratch.

Stage Two: You will receive a phonecall at any time of the day, and are most likely going to be unprepared for this having had no contact from them prior to this. Make sure you are on standby with a calculator…24/7 for this one. They will ask you a few questions such as, Why Santander? What attracts you to the role? Then they will ask you some simple maths questions you need to get 3 out of 5 to pass. You are allowed a calculator, which I did not have at the time but still passed. Trust me, they are very basic…is I could pass.

Stage Three: They then send you an email about the telepohne interview you will have the next day. You will need to prepare for this. I think my preparation was too thorough (as I had about eight prepared sheets infront of me and was wearing a suit). They ask you one competency based question and you must give a thorough example. Using the STAR technique. You then do a roleplay which you have information on before hand. My advice would be, be natural, prepared and make use of the notes you have before. Be customer-focused but efficient. I think they want to see that you have read the information throughly and can handle customer complaints in a polite manner. After my telephone interview I was told that I lead the conversation well, checked security questions. Just think about when you have received good and bad customer service over the phone and copy the good. (If any one is with the mobile network Orange…their customer service call-center is excellent) !!

Stage Four: Although 4 hours of assessment may seem daunting it goes by extremely quickly and it is a much better and relaxed way to be assessed. The day consists of four elements:

  1. Numeracy & Data Entry Test - To prepare for this make sure you know how to work out percentages. Also read the maths questions carefully, as they often give out too much information to attempt to confuse you.

  2. One to One Interview - Individually you are interviewed by one of the managers of the call center. This consists of a few competency based questions. Like in the telepohne interview. Use the STAR technique and make sure you use specific examples related to you. Example questions are :

Give an example of a time in your life where you have lead a team to all meet an target or objective. What did you learn from it? What challenges were there?
Give an example of when you have gone above and beyond for a customer?

3.Role Play - Similar to the telephone interview, but face to face. Read the information carefully and do any forseeable calculations before so you can prepare for that. I enjoyed this part the most. Though other candidates said they didn’t at all…as the felt that they were being asked too many questions abount the customers account. So be prepared for any forseeable question or complaint. Also make sure you as security questions and are polite and friendly e.g ‘is there anything else I can do for you today’?

  1. Group Exercise - I found this the most difficult as I wanted to make points in the discussion but not butt in to other candidates. My advice from the telephone interview was to ‘not be the loudest in the group’. So I took that on board and made sure I did not dominate the entire conversation as I don’t think that will get you far. Make sure you make valid points…engage in the discussion but also listen to the other candidates. I think each group scenario exercise is different but you have about 15 minutes so make sure you list the points.

That is the advice I could give you on the entire assessment, some general tips would be:

  • Arrive early as you may have to find the building - its on a big site.
  • Come dressed to impress…wear a suit if you are a guy or a blazer / skirt if you are a girl.
  • For the telephone interview…speak with a smile (sounds silly but the advice I got from my careers service at Uni was that it translates across the telephone)
  • Also for the telephone interview…wear something smart. Psychologically it will make you feel more professional and this will come across in your telephone manner.
  • For the assessment day…prepare yourself with the information that they give you. Prepare answers for one to one interview.
  • On the assessment day relax, and be yourself. It is a nice experience and the assessors are there to help you not to grill or interegate you.

Hope that has been helpful. Good Luck.


Hi i have got to go to assessment centre for santander on thursday i really need help with the role play anyy questions or anything you can help me with would be really great.
The job role is for customer service advisor
and i really want the job! :slight_smile:


Found the info posted helpful. i have stage 3 on monday if successful i will be attending assessment centre.
Keep you all posted.


very useful information …thanks


Hi I visited the assessment centre two days ago for a position in the call centre and thought I would let you know what to expect. Firstly you are taken into a room with the other candidates and take part in an ice breaker or two, just the usual “tell me about yourself”. Then you have 10 minutes to complete a maths and data analysis test. The data analysis is easy it is just matching numbers. The maths test asks questions like “If Sally had a lifetime savers account and had £3,706 in her account how much interest would she accumulate over a 5 month period?” they give you the information on interest rates for accounts so it is things like 7.6%. Afterwards a manager will talk to you all about the role and the benefits of working for Santander. Then you will be taken into another room by another manager to take part in the role play section before seeing another manager for the competency based interview. I heard back very quickly (the following day) the woman built me up on the phone by first asking how my day had been what I had been up to and whether I enjoyed the assessment centre and what part of the day I enjoyed the most. This was before saying sorry you have been unsuccessful. The reason apparently was due to having built enough rapport during the role play when the manager said “I am going on a honeymoon and cant afford it” I congratulated her and sold her a small fixed loan however did not ask more questions about the honeymoon like where are you going? how long for? etc. I passed everything else and it is “these little things” they look for. All in all the long process of recruitment with Santander was an enjoyable one and a great learning experience. The assessment centre took over 3 hours.


Hello I have my assessment centre tomorrow and would love a little more knowledge on the group assessment. What was the task you were assigned and how were you assessed on it?


Hi there was no group assessment when I went to the assessment centre last month I’m not sure if that was just a one off or if they have stopped the group task all together. I did hear from a santander employee I know and they said their group task involved being given a chocolate teapot and your task was to come up with a way to sell that product and present back as a group. Hope this helps.


Lovely, thank you for the info. Is it alright to take notes?


Is it ok to use a calculator for numeric test?