Santander Corporate Banking Grad Scheme


hi, has anyone had their telephone interview for santander yet? i have mine tomorrow! ive read through the posts on the santander telephone interview topic but it seems everyones been applying for the personal banking advisor role!


Hi there!

I got through to the telephone interview as well, and I’ve got mine coming soon and wondered if you had any advice from your interview? Hope it went well for you!!


Any1 got offer form Santander re Corp Banking Prog ???


Hi does anyone know how much the pay is?
Can you also post the type of questions they ask in the tel int???
Many thanks


hi, ive been sent an email saying ive progressed to AC stage for corporate banking, but havent been given a date yet, have you?


erm i think it was quite a while, 10 days maybe- but was over the christmas period so that may have delayed it abit!


There was an AC on the 11th. The HR guy told us there was 6-12 openings available, 700+ applied.


Was that 700+ just for corporate banking?
do you know how many are though to the assessment centres?


The AC I attended had 8 people in the morning session and another 8 people in the afternoon session. They said they would be holding one more AC I think this week so I am guessing 32 candidates made it through the AC. The 700 applied is for the corporate banking division and was apparently the second most popular division people applied to.


anyone being told when the AC is?


is the AC next week the last AC they hold for corporate banking?
anyone got an offer from them already?


Not sure, but I received an offer from them for Corporate Banking. Apparently passing the telephone interviews does not guarantee you a spot at the AC.


Can anybody that has been through AC share what kind of questions they ask on the interview. Also, what is the group exercise and the presentation like? Thanks for your help guys!!!


when is your AC bengmagi?


on the 25th of January, yours?
Any clues what might the questions be like or the group exercise or anything at all. I am extremely busy and don’t have much time for research.



does anyone have details of the AC - e.g. the comptency based interview / presentation


drop me a private message for advice on numerical. I pretty much score 100% every time


Hi there,
The AC is very relaxed. The interview is a repetition of the telephone interview. Completely competency based. Just got asked about Basel unexpectedly. Otherwise, why them, why this field, give examples where you have shown leadership, initiation, etc. How have you made your research about them. The presentation was like a SWOT Analysis of Santander- so you’d better learn their weaknesses/strengths, opportunities and threats. The group exercise was based on material provided by them. You should be convinced and communicate with the rest. I reckon, I was not confident enough on this part, but we will see when the result comes. Otherwise, there was no numeracy test, since we were short of time. Advice- Be yourself, try to sleep previous night- as much as possible, engage in conversation with the rest- they want to see you that you communicate and have done your research.


Hi people i have my Santander Corporate Banking Graduate Scheme assessment day soon…would anyone be able to offer some advice on what i should expect (Hopefully from experience) as i have never attended and assessment day before.



Has anyone else recieved an offer?