Santander Compliance Assessment Centre


I have booked myself in for the Compliance Assessment Centre on 8 March, but this date has yet to be confirmed by HR.

Does anyone have any experience of the Assessment Centre for this particular programme?

Any guidance as to what the day involves will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Hi, i would be happy to share as i had one a year back, but i know the assessment day structure has changed. Do you know what your day will consist of, so i can provide insight to the relevant bits


Hi, thanks for your reply.

The confirmation e-mail doesn’t give much away:

“During the day you will be asked to participate in a variety of exercises, which may include some group work. You may be asked to participate in a written excercise, and/ or make a short presentation (for which no advance preparation is required), and representatives from our business will interview you. The interview will be competency-based.”

Pretty self-explanatory I think, other than the written exercise. Will this be a re-test of the verbal and numerical tests that made up an earlier stage of the application process?

Also, for the presentations, are you provided with a topic or do you have to come up with one yourself?

Thanks again.


Between 18 and 25k I guess. Have you been offered a job there? Have you had your telephone interview and gone for the assessment centre yet?

If anyone’s had the Telephone interview and Assessment Centre under belt please post your experience and questions asked. I’m having my phone interview tomorrow morning - I know it’s competency based but would like to know the types and the whole process. Please kindly post information.


Hello everyone!
Has anyone gone for Santander’s Assessment Centre particularly the Compliance programme? Please share your experience - how many days after the telephone interview email were invited to the AC? It’s over a week and I’m not sure how much longer I can wait before I have a heart attack!
What happened there? Do I need to wear a full body armour cause I’ve never been to one before - pleeeeeeeeeeeeease help.


Hi there everyone - I have been invited to the assessment centre this Friday - has anyone had any experience that they would like to share, every tip and advice is needed. How’s the Group discussion like, is there any material I can use for the numerical tests? How’s the presentation, I’m not good with powerpoint - thx everyone.


Hi is there anyone able to help me with assessment centre coming up tomorrow, please.


Good for you Graduate20100! I’m happy for you and where’ve you been all these while? When were you informed of your appointment? You said you are not sure what to expect - how did they contact you - phone only or phone and email? Did the email not state out what you should expecting and outline the schedule for the day - I’d be surprised.

I have not heard anything yet and the waiting is killing me. I’m not sure which has more tension, playing Russian roulette or waiting for a response. I’m informed they are still taking telephone interviews even up till today - haven’t they got enough people to drag into the AC and slaughter hehehe. A friend of mine who’s close to someone in HR said they’ll hiring between 6 and 8 trainees so that’s at least comforting enough when going into the AC - the odds are not as bad. You’re really lucky mate!
So you’re already working? Mehn!! You stay away from the AC and let those without a job get one. It depends on the type of job you are doing - if it is on equal strength with Santander then your present company would be wary of where your loyalty lies especially if you’ve just started with them.

Please give us all the feedback from your experience of the day - buena suerte!


Hey Graduate20100, you may want to contact Under 5 about his experience since he said he had his AC in March.

His post stated:

The confirmation e-mail doesn’t give much away:

"During the day you will be asked to participate in a variety of exercises, which may include some group work. You may be asked to participate in a written excercise, and/ or make a short presentation (for which no advance preparation is required), and representatives from our business will interview you. The interview will be competency-based.

So I guess he’ll be able to share his experience unless he doesn’t want to. I’ve tried reaching him in the past without any response…emm…just like you I guess.


Graduate20100 - When did you get the notice of the AC, today? Is your current role in compliance too or accounting? Forum’s about sharing someone with info help us, please.


Went into the AC on Friday panicky - got home disappointed thinking I didn’t do well enough but bang! Got a call this morning saying I have been offered a place (2nd person out of 8) - In your face Dominic B!! Your ex gf’s with Santander now and you got nothing. To you guys out there - if I can make it - you can. Don’t be aggressive at the Group session (like a guy there who really peeved the assessors believing he was on the apprentice). It is not the apprentice so don’t act like a d*ck.
The tests were similar to the online tests. Presentation was 5 mins with the group on what we discussed - angry customers and the complaint system.
Interview - I was very nervous because I felt I was not barking at the group. The 2 interviewers tried to make me feel comfortable but you’d blow it if you become that (I guess). The usual questions were asked like what you were asked in the telephone interview. I believe they want to confirm that you are who you are because they lady I spoke to this morning said some people get others to do the online test for them and there’s great inconsistency in the online test and that done at the AC; and then when I thought all was fine I got hammered about the credit crunch issue - what do you know about it, and its relevance now? I froze and took a long time to answer but I did my best and guess I must have done pr said something correct hehehe.
All in all be the same person before the telephone interview and during the TI - if someone did the test for you - you need to go brush cos you’d be on your own as you know. I asked others about credit crunch questions and they all looked battered so I guess it may come again.


@graduate20100 Sorry about the late reply. For me, I may have been fortunate because it appeared to be “almost” a repeat of my tel-interview - team work and providing excellent CS - apart from the credit crunch questions (I don’t know why they revisited the past, perhaps to learn from the future). It was not confrontational but I was informed my knowledge on it and my behavioural experience (I have worked in compliance in the past) tipped the scale in my favour. As per the tests - if you felt you did well in the past tests and didn’t get help as you stated you’d be fine based on my experience - cause it was as “easy” as the first one.
What time is yours scheduled for. I guess you’re in the lucky group where they intend to pick more than 2. Mine was the first of three groups and you got another next week.
Best of luck mate and keep others posted of your experience and hope to see you in Autumn!


I have given up waiting for Santander to invite me to their AC as though one’s a reserved - a back up in case the first batch screw up things. Is anyone else experiencing this never ending wait for a call/email? Hey Under5, Graduate20100 and Orekuneweojo how long did you have to wait from the time of getting post telephone interview email stating you’ve reached minimum requirement till the time you were invited to attend the AC.
I have virtually put everything else on hold - please your feedback will help ameliorate my confusion. Graduate20100 you had your AC today, how was it? Please share for all - hope you clinch it!


I feel left out when the AC attendees start chatting (I empathise with waiters). Graduate20100 what does “service line” mean? How was your experience today? Do you know when the next AC would be and how many people have been offered so far? The waits exhausting.



I am waiting past 6 days for the AC after my interview for Credit Risk Analyst programme. Is their anyone in the discussion for this programme and have been invited for AC? I need to know how long does it take for AC invitation after the interview



SOS guys I’m desperate to know if there is a numerical test again on AC or not. Reading posts on this forum I came across 2 opinions yes and no. I think it depends on role ro may be location "(Scotland or london) . Could you please share is you had numerical test on AC and what role and location yu applied at. Thank yuo in advance!



When is your AC?


Hi! I don’t know yet! I even don’t know if they invite me or not. But if they invite and there is a numerical test I should prepare now that;s why I’m asking


Oh ok. Don’t think there is a numerical test at the AC. May depend on the role you have applied for


HI Andyp!
what about you? which role you applied?