SANTANDER Competency Phone interview! Has anyone had one of these recently?


Hi guys, I have a telephone competency based interview coming up with Santander and I was wondering if anyone has had one of these recently? as I’ve never had one, and am freaking out at the idea of what to expect, and totally worried about the questions they are going to ask etc, any one know what they ask? any tips would be appreciated.


thanks in advance


hii guys has anyone had a competency interview with santander in the past few weeks, just wondering because i have one tomorrow and would like to know what q"s they ask you??

thanks for ur help guys x


HI sexy_princess, if you checked the other pages on this site for santander PBA telephone interviews it list some of the competency questions. I have one on tuesday, i would really appreciate it if you could up date on how it when and the kinda questions they ask.

thank you


hi guys i have a telephone interview tommorrow and i am really nervous as i dont no what there going to ask me… please can anyone help… thank you!!