Santander - Asset Management - Graduate Programme - 2011


I applied just over a month ago and completed the online testing. I was emailed a few weeks ago telling me that interview decisions will be made by mid march. Has anybody been given an interview date yet?



I had a telephone interview on 15th March - they contacted me on the 11th to tell me.
They sent two emails before that just saying that the online tests were still being looked at. The woman I had for the telephone interview seemed to suggest the process was ongoing and might take a week or two so hopefully you hear soon!


Any tips on the telephone interview please?


Hi all. Anyone been invited to the ac yet? Waiting to hear one way or another after having had the phone interview here.

Peter12, have you had your phone interview yet? Just seen this thread, so if you haven’t had it already, pm me or post here and I’ll see if I can help you out.


If you havnt heard back about the assessment centre I’m afraid it’s a no as the last 8 got invited already to be held this tuesday…


I accepted Peter12’s comment and resigned to the fact that I would be sent a rejection email in a few weeks. However I just received an email from the graduate recruiting team;

We are currently in the process of short-listing Graduates for the Asset Management programme so we will send a link in due course where you will be able to book into a Telephone Interview slot.

I appreciate your patience and we will be in contact soon to advise of the next steps.

This is rather perplexing… Anyone else heard anything?


Ok here’s the sketch… I have a mate who’s gone for the sam scheme, had her telephone interview two weeks ago, got told she passed it last Monday, then she rang the hr team and was told there is 600 applicants for this scheme, 25 people got a telephone interview, when she had hers 12 had already passed their telephone interview and only 8 would be invited to the assesment centre (was held today) and the selection would be made by senior managers in sam on whose invited to a/c…

The biggest joke is that there is only ONE position available!!


Are you serious? LOL. It’s not even that great a Bank.


There is probably not much point in speculating and best to just see what happens. I’ve heard a wealth of rumours including that there is more than one assessment centre. I’d like to think that there would be contact if the decision had already been made. May as well be optimistic I reckon. Just as a side thought have you guys had many thoughts about routes into the buy side if you don’t get a graduate training scheme? Would be keen to hear any thoughts…



I just don’t understand why they would be that incompetent; the email I received was a response to an email I sent last week, asking for an update. I’m assuming that the HR person knew the hiring situation while they replied to me.

The only reason I can come up with of why they haven’t rejected some of us is that they’re keeping us as a contingency if no one at the AC is good enough…very low probability of that happening!



That’s a possibility - it might be a stock response sent out by the system or perhaps it is correct. Just have to wait and see mate…



Could anyone who has had a telephone interview be able to give us a run down on what to expect? It would be really appreciated