Santander 2012 Operations Grad Programme


jr241, I was at the Santander Operatations Assessment centre last tuesday (24th Jan) at Leicester and I still havent heard anything, I have even tried many time to call them, but I dont seem to get a reply. When was your AC? have you tried emailing or calling them? ?
SuperbadDude have you heard anything from them, or anyone who attended the AC on the 24th?? Also for all of you people who have already received feedback from the AC, how long did they take??


I was also at the one in Leicester on the 24th.


Francky ,

Have you had your Telephone interview?

How did it go? do you mind sharing some details?



The interview was conducted by a staff of HR. The questions were based on (i) skills and competencies like example of teamwork, leadership, excellent services rendered, and (ii) motivation for the role. I thought the questions were straight forward and I hope I pass.
Do you have one soon? Which role?
Good luck.


@SuperbadDude, @jr241 Could you tell us which was the topic of the presentation and the group exercise at the AC?



Thanks for that Francky.

I do have one next week - Operations.

Good luck too.


Hi MH,
I hope you have been doing well with any prep for your assement centre day. I will sit the Numercial Reasoning Test in 3 days for Santander Operations and wondered if you could be kind enough to give me some advice as how to score well on the test.

Many thanks


Hi everyone, hope u all well.
I will sit the Numercial Reasoning Test in 3 days for Santander Operations and wondered if you could be kind enough to give me some advice as how to score well on the test.

Many thanks


Check your inbox


Hi all,
I hope those of you who had assessment centres, tests and interviews ect did well.

firstly to those asking about the verbal and numerical reasoning tests there is nothing to worry about as long as you practise. most large organisations including santander use SHL who have practise tests on their website (you need to signup just use fake details if your bothered) . if you do a few of them you get the hang of them.

secondly did everyone who completed the telephone interview recieve the same questions as francky?

I think I will have the same guy for my telephone interview, the person who phoned to set a date didnt speak particularly good english :/. it worries me slightly.

did you get the same questions as Francky for the interview?



Did you get the same questions as Francky?



Hello, I saw that you posted that you had already taken the telephone interview stage and noted the questions down, I was hoping you could share them with me as I have the telephone interview in a couple of days :). Any help would be much appreciated, and I hope the assesment centre went well! Thanks




Apologies for the delay in getting back to all of you.

20/25 mins with a spanish guy who has a groggier voice than Kermit and sounds like he’s just woken up. Passed it though. Below are the questions which he (or if you’re lucky, she) will ask:

Q1 - Describe a time when you delivered exceptional customer service
Q2 - Describe a time when you worked under pressure/had a limited time available for completing a project
Q3 - When you showed teamwork
Q4 - When you showed leadership
Q5 - What does the Operations division do
Q6 - Why Operations

He’ll start by ‘eloquently’ speaking about the structure for 10-15 mins, so it’ll give you a chance to compose yourselves. The tele interview is mostly competency based, but with a little effort in preparing some good rigid answers with structure, you should be fine.

Apart from a horrendous journey to Narborough, a village on the outskirts of Leicester where the assessment centre was, the day was quite an enjoyable one. Meeting likeminded individuals from across the country, sharing experiences and generally getting a feel for how the company works made it an interesting day. I will say although most of the assessors are quite welcoming, there were a couple that looked like they had a stick up their ‘gluteus maximus’. I did and still do feel I did enough to pass on the day but unfortunately I had Tweedledum and Tweedle-flipping-Dee for my interview, and therefore I am on hold. Outcome is next week.

Structure -

Introduction - Interview by senior member

Group Exercise
Scored highly on this

  • 10 mins individual time to analyse several documents loaded with info. Dont worry, break it down and it’s actually very straightforward. No complex concepts to grasp. Regarding business performance of a company and how you can improve it.
  • 10 mins discussion to come to a conclusion concerning 3 policies which you as a team would pursue and why
  • 10 mins to present to the assessors. There were around 12 assessors and 8 candidates. They encircled the room as if we were in a Flavian Amphitheatre, armed with clipboards. Nah, I’m kidding. They did encircle the room and were armed with clipboards, but don’t think about them and you should be okay!

30mins to prepare before you go in to present to two assessors. Scored highly on this.

  • Will vary between person to person I think, but research on Santander UK activities, really drive home the point that you know alot about Santander, the market it is in, the volatile market it faces, and what can be done to overcome these challenges

Two assessors, scored weakly on this. 40-50 mins

Describe a task where you demonstrated teamwork
Describe a task where you faced a difficult experience and didn’t know what to do
Describe a time when you did something but turned out to be wrong and what you learnt from it.

Many other follow up questions, what motivated you, what challenges did you face, what obstacles did you overcome, why did you take this action etc. The assessors made me wait about 10 mins outside and i think they were trying to catch me off guard but I managed to compose myself before I went in. Make sure you provide very thorough examples of each competency, use your telephone interview questions as a precursor.

Guys, I would like to say something. This website runs on the premise that those who have had experiences from any bank/firm contribute and give back what they learnt and what others should do better. In this tumultuous and uncertain economic environment, we all know it is extremely difficult to attain a job. Those of you who have done so, well done. Those of you who haven’t, lets work together and use the experiences to ensure that we WILL do better in this app process. I spite none, nor hold grudges with those who have succeeded before us. But giving back is an innate quality that should be practiced. We need to help each other! I want each and every one of you to contribute to any threads, posts, blogs regarding the application processes you have been through, for the benefit of other graduates.

God be with you all.



You are truly a superbaddaude and I have no doubt that you would receive an offer soonish.

Thanks and Good luck.


Thanks SuperbadDude, your reply has really helped alot! Good luck


HI all

Yes SuperbadDude you are a star, it is because of people like you that forum like this one can work…I got yesterday the email inviting me to do the online reasoning tests and was when I found this threat…well done and once again thanks a million!


Hey Guys,
I have just passed the telephone interview and I wanted to share the experience.

It was very straight forward (the ready script kind of interview)- they ask you a couple of questions at the beginning such as - can you confirm that you are flexible to travel, or do you have/require a work permit… so this gives you a little but of time to just relax and get used to the whole “talking on the phone”

the questions I got asked were:

  1. Why Santander
  2. Why Operations
  3. Give me an example of a time when your decisions/actions made you unpopular? (you can imagine my face when I heard that :slight_smile: but its fine - you can use an example of a Conflict situation, where you tried to defend your point of view or something like this)
  4. an example of working in a team
  5. when you had to change your way of working.
  6. example when you worked towards a deadline/under pressure
  • I dont remember already the exact wording of the questions, for which I am sorry, but you get the point.

My impression was that there were a lot of questions in comparison with other telephone interviews I had. One after another. The interviewer didn’t interrupt me not even once, which was good as it gives you the chance to cover everything you had in mind. (although not more than 2.30-3 min per question is the standard)
Mine was exactly 35 minutes ( so say 10 min general talk at the beginning and at the end and 20 min actual interview). They give you the chance to ask something at the end, so prepare a question if you want , although I don’t think that saying you don’t have any questions is bad.
Hope this will helps.
I am invited to an assessment centre now.

I just have one question, does anybody know for sure if the presentation that should be done there needs to be prepared in advance, or they give you information for this task there and then they give you some time to prepare and then the interview/presentation follows?
I am worried because I can’t find information confirming this.


Hey Guys,

Just had my telephone interview yesterday, don’t know the outcome but I think it went ok. The competency based questions were a mix of the ones given by SuperbadDude and sasha5, so it seems they’ve just got a pool of questions and pick four to ask you.

With the motivational questions of the interview, I got asked:

Why Santander and this Graduate Scheme?
Why Operations?

And within those questions I got asked things Like,
Can you name any of Santander’s competitors?
Outside of the UK, can you name any countries in which Santander operates?

Hope this helps and good luck with your applications


Oh, and I just remembered they asked me, what do you think you will be doing on a daily basis :slight_smile:


and one more came to me:
Name Santander’s Competitors.

  • sorry for this, things are just popping in my head.