Santander 2012 Operations Grad Programme


Hi all,

Has anyone applied to the 2012 intake of Santander Operations Graduate Programme?

Ive applied, done the tests and am now through to the phone interview stage! I was wondering if anyone had any tips / insight to share with me on what I should expect!



Hi Rachel,

Sorry for the late reply, have you had your phone interview yet?

If so how did it go?

I have one coming up after xmas and was wondering what it involved



Hey Rachel,

Could you be so kind and share what questions they asked? It’ll be much appreciated :slight_smile:



Hi RachelB and Artful Bodger,

I have a phone interview coming up for the operations graduate job too, could you let me know what they ask please?
Also how did you both get on?



Hi all. I have Santander online numerical test for Credit Risk role to write within the next 24 hrs. Has anyone taken this before? Can they also give a clue to the types of questions asked?
Thank you.


I had a phone interview with them a few days ago for Operations. I don’t really know what was asked because the interviewer did not speak English very well at all so I guessed what he was asking! I think he asked why the grad scheme and not general entry, and he asked for an example of when I worked in a team. I have no idea what he was trying to say for the other ones!


Hi Rachael.
Could you please tell the type of questions set for the test?
Thank you.


Please how was the test?


Oh really, that’s really bad! Were they spanish or something? Have you heard back?
How long did it last for all together? Did they not ask any questions about Santander itself?


I have passed online numerical test and also verbal reasoning test which you do if you pass the numerical test!
For the numerical test you just need to make sure you have a calculator and know how to work with percentages and get information from graphs and charts etc. I cannot remember the exact questions, I am sure they will change anyway but I would suggest to do practice tests first!
I didn’t finish all the questions but I passed the benchmark still, so be more careful on the questions you do answer and try not to just guess before the time goes!


Hi guys

I had a phone interview from Santander for the Operations Grad programme and passed it. I now have an assessment centre scheduled next week and was wondering if anyone knew anything about what Santander’s assessment centre is like?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can help with the telephone interview stage. I have a list of questions noted down!



Thank you SM90


Hey SuperbadDude… how long did you have to wait after you cleared the phone interview to get booked in for the assessment centre? A week ago, I was informed I have cleared the interview, but I still haven’t been contacted about the AC dates. Do you think I should get in touch with them?


I think it was about a week between being told I had passed the phone interview and getting confirmation of the assessment centre date. I wouldn’t worry about it but ring them to confirm they have scheduled you in for an assessment centre. Which division have you applied?



@SuperbadDude - I also have an AC on Wednesday - Triton Square at 2:30pm-5:30pm?? When’s yours?

I did an internship with Santander in their cards division this summer so got fast tracked to the AC stage for their finance programme :slight_smile:

My intern AC was just a 1 hour interview with the treasury manager - who became my line manager in the summer :slight_smile:

From the info I’ve had so far it seems this AC will be much longer and in depth than my internship 1 (understandably)

I found this on wiki job but its from 2009 and for internal audit and I know there graduate recruitment and schemes have been totally revamped in the last year or 2 (They didn’t even offer internships as Santander UK until this summer - so I was a “guinea pig” so to speak)

“.it was pretty standard a/c.
first there was a numeracy test, then some written exercise, competency interview and group work. i found the team work the worst thing as i felt more like during the recruitment of the sales or marketing people rather than auditors. but over all very nice HR people, lunch, interviewers.
good luck”


@SuperDude… Thanks for that. I have applied to the Operations Programme myself.


Has anyone applied for the Banking Operations (GEOBAN) programme? Any invites for assessment centres?


Hi francky,

For Santander’s numerical reasoning test, you should have gone to —> <— They actually have the REAL questions from various Santander numerical test on the website for you to practice!!! I know over 15 people that have jobs in various banks that used TestGenie to pass their tests!


@SuperbadDude, Wikisher and SM90,
I cleared the numerical and verbal tests. I am scheduled for telephone interview next week. Would you kindly hint me on the types of questions I should expect?


Anyone heard back from the Assessment Centre yet?