Sales & Trading MD


Looking to enter into ibanking but I’ve just started looking at specific roles, particularly in sales and trading. There’s lots of info on analyst/associate roles in both areas, but what happens after that?

I know I’m probably thinking ahead too much, but would like to know where the career stream goes, just what the day-to-day role of an MD in s&t is, their responsibilities, number of hours worked etc.



An MD in s&t…you have to be more specific there mate. For example an Equity Sales MD does the same he did when he was an associate, expect that he manages the desk aswell which means he has lots of meetings with executive management and other MDs. A MD in trading will most likely still trade, or purely manage the test if he is the Head of Trading.

Number of hours worked? Thats not the right attitude mate, come on.


Thank you for replying WN - greatly appreciated.

I’m interested in Equity Trading and you’re right, should have said so in my original query! The thought about ‘number of hours worked’ is more to get a grip on how workload is interspersed within the trading day and responsibilities out with actual trading…my original question was a bit vague!