Salary Q's


If you’re given the opportunity to speak to CA students at an interview or Assessment Centre, do you think it’s ok to ask what the starting salary is like?

Is it likely that they will report you asking to HR or anything?


Aq :slight_smile:


I was given the advice by other WikiJob’ers not to ask about salary at all - even if the trainee talk is all very informal and all it’d be safe to just presume the starting salary is around the 19k mark.


They wouldn’t report you, but they might mention it. Personally, I wouldn’t do it… it’s easy to find out about salary anyway - you don’t need to ask these guys and risk coming across badly.


Hmm yeah, this is a medium sized firm im talking about. There starting salary wouldnt be 19k, they’re usually between 14-18k. I’m just interested that’s all as all firms pay differently in that tier n i dont know anyone who works for that firm. :S


To be safe I wouldn’t ask. They will tell you when they make you an offer. If you are not happy with it, don’t take the offer. I’ve heard some firms paying low as £12k, but i’d assume if they are a top 20 or so firm it would be about £18k. That was an offer I got from a top 25 firm.


12k flipping 'eck! That’s mental…


12k is dinner lady standards…

Nearly every HR person I’ve chatted to in general has brought salary into the discussion without me asking… which has always prompted me to quickly say “Salary isn’t one of the factors I’m considering when looking at graduate schemes - I’m much more interested in the training provided etc”. Which is actually the truth; I’m unsure why they even mentioned it to me. (This was both Deloitte and PwC that did it). Perhaps many applicants use the presentation days to ask about salaries?


Ok thanks guys!
It would be a lot easier if they just brought up the issue about salary in interviews!


Won’t be firm specific but you get an idea.

I know for a fact that some firms are paying less in 2009 than 2008.


I wouldn’t ask about salaries if I were you. I think it’s a golden rule of graduate interviews. You never ask (not them directly) but it’s perfectly okay if they choose to bring it up. Better to be safe than sorry.


Its not a good idea to ask about the salary in the interview stage unless they explicitly tell you. Your motivations for getting on a graduate scheme should be for the training and development possibilities, the actual role itself and whether you’ll enjoy it and whether you’ll work well with the people there.

I recently received an offer and didn’t find out about the salary until the offer phone call. A good resource is … it provides useful insights into salaries and employee reviews of many companies.