Salaries for Tax and Audit Lines.


Hi everyone on the forum,

I cannot find any concrete information so thought I would post the question here.

Considering an accountancy career over say a 10 year span, from trainee to qualified accountant to manager,
which accountant would be paid more if they work for the same company and in the same office etc.:- an Auditor (ACA qualified) or a Corporate Tax (CTA) accountant?

On the Inside careers website, I’ve noticed that average auditor salaries in the years post qualification are higher than that of a tax accountant.

Anyone have any info or advice on this topic?

Thanks to everyone who posts an answer!


Hi there,

If we are talking about these roles within a Big4, for example, at the graduate level the salaries are very similar, if not identical.
Over a 10 year span, yes ACA salaries post qualification are higher. But note currently there is slightly more opportunity for promotion in Corp Tax (work in tax is growing in general due to uncertainty and changes in the market). And with faster promotion comes quicker growth in salary.

I hope this helps!