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Hey all, I’ve been offered a place on Saipem’s trainee structural engineer programme.

Just wondering if anyone else is going to be starting there soon?


Hi Aliquail,
Congrats to you. Can U please tell me when you applied and what the recruitment process was like.



Congratulations. I have had an email today asking if i’m available for an interview later this week for the same role. Any chance you could let me know what the interview process is like?

Cheers amd congratsonce again


Hi all

My interview was fairly straight forward, just a straight 50 minute interview with the manager of the engineering department, one guy from recruitment and a third who just listened. They asked me about some of the things on my CV, what I knew about their activity, then talked a bit about the program and the benefits etc.

Good luck!



Thanks alot for the incite its very much appriciated. Was there no test or anything like dat?

Thanks for the good luck, hopefully will see u when u start!


Hi everyone,

I have a telephone interview this week for the Trainee Structural Engineering position, the same role as those above. I was looking to try and gain a little more info.

I have been in contact with HR at the company and had an initial chat. I have been told that in my phone interview I will be speaking with 3 people: Structural Engineering Manager, Engineering Manager and HR Recruiter. From my experience of telephone interviews in the past this is setup completely differently more like a final interview as opposed to an initial one what with the discipline managers present along with HR. What are the chances this could be a final interview? Surely they would want to meet in person first?

Anyway, I was hoping to gain a bit more info in what might be involved in the interview. Currently all I know is that it will include both technical and general questions.

Many Thanks


Hi Mate,

I’m going to have phone interview this week. I’m wonder maybe you already done your interview and maybe can shear interview info ?

Many Thanks :slight_smile:



I had my telephone interview last week. It was really pretty relaxed they asked me to talk about my degree and give some details of design projects I had done throughout my studies. They were also interested in my thesis project. They asked me if had any other offers from competitors.

I have been invited to come down to the office to meet in person to discuss further. I’m pretty excited about this job as it looks like a great company to work for and currently this is definitely my number one choice.

JPjp - how have you found working for Saipem so far? Would you recommend the trainee structural engineering programme?



Did you got your invitation after interview, in few days time ? or immediately ?



When is your interview due ? What kind of things do you thing they want to discuss with you ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Does anyone did face to face interview with Saipem regarding trainee structural engineer ?

Cheers Guys



Sorry I never responded to the messages earlier I have just seen this most recent message now I don’t know how I never received the previous comments.

Yeah, I went for a face to face interview at the office in Kingston after my telephone interview. It was again quite relaxed they mainly asked about things i had done during my studies at university and a then talked a bit more about what would be involved in the trainee structural engineer role at Saipem.

I still haven’t heard the outcome of my interview yet as I think the process is still ongoing I have been advised the decision will be mid-August. Have you been for your face to face interview yet?