Sage and accountancy knowledge.


I haven’t done too much reading up on this but I remember a few jobs I’d applied for which asked for some knowledge of the SAGE programs. As far as I am aware they’re just a program that accounts use. Is this used in CA training at all? It’s just I’m wondering whether to take a course on it.

Also by the sounds of it I might be getting some temp work relatively soon in finance related areas. Anyone know a good website or book etc to brush up on basics such as capital, assets/liabilities and all that sort of jargon.

Thanks in advance.


Don’t need to learn specific accountancy software applications. Wouldn’t be much use to anyone if they went out of date/ fashion/ business would it?

I suspect working in an accounting function is radically different to studying for the qualification. If I were to prepare, I’d learn about T accounts, debits and credits and maybe download a few sets of financial statements and have a good browse. Wikipedia might not be the most authoritative source but reading around the subject matter won’t hurt.

The difficulty of the exams is mainly the detail and time pressure elements - something you can’t replicate without the course material.


Cheers Loquitur, I thought that considering the course is pretty much free and very short I may as well try and take advantage of it.


Yeah. Knowledge of SAGE isn’t that big a deal- it’s something you can pick up fairly quickly in an office. Knowledge of accounting, on the other hand, is something worth studying, so if you are thinking about becoming an accountant and getting a CA, that’s what you’ll do. You don’t need to know SAGE to become a CA, and SAGE or any other accounting software does not form part of the course.


Has anyone been for an assessment centers with SAGE yet? What did it consist of?
Thank you in advance