Saffery Champness - Top 20 Assessment day

Saffery Champness

Has anyone heard back from them yet?



when did you apply? I did the online test last week and just received this email. when did you do the online test?

'Thank you for completing the online test recently sent to you.

Whilst your test results meet our requirements, we are currently receiving high volumes of applications for our training positions and your application is currently on hold.

I will of course contact you again should we wish you offer you and interview later in the year.

In the meantime I would like to thank you for your continued interest in the firm.’

It sounds like that’s the end of that recruitment process for me. Anyone else had this email?



Did you apply to the London Office?

I didn’t so maybe thats why I got an assessment day later?

I dont think its bad news. Maybe just wait too see if the dont find everyone successful? I read that there were 7 vacanies in London and approx 8 or 9 in regional offices.