Saffery Champness Phone Interview?

Saffery Champness

Hey, I’ve been going through the forum for info on the Saffery Champness’ phone interview and can’t find anything. I’ve been contacted to arrange a slot for a 15 minute one with them and wondered if anyone has done one and if so the kinds of questions asked? I gather it will be competency based? I’d much appreciate any feedback anyone has!


Hi Rach68
How was your interview and could you tell me what kind of questions they asked? Also were you successful?


Hi, I just had my phone interview with SC. It was really short - it only lasted about 8 minutes. The woman asked me three questions: Why do you want to be an accountant?, What do you know about the ACA? and Why Saffery Champness? Then I had the chance to ask her a question. She was really nice, I don’t know if I passed yet but it went pretty well so hopefully I did.


I had my phone interview a few weeks ago and the questions i was asked were: Why accountancy?, Why Saffery? Other firms I’ve applied to and why? What do i know about the ACA qualification.
The interviewer then started to talk a bit about the company and finally asked whether i had any question.
I didn’t make it through to the next round but i wish you all the best of luck


Hi @Has91. During your interview was there a lot of back and forth conversation or did the interviewer gear it towards you speaking all of the time? cheers