Saffery Champness Assessment Day (2017)

Saffery Champness
Crowe Clark Whitehill


Hi! I have an assessment day with saffery champness coming up and was wondering if anyone had any tips on that and if anyone knew what sort of interview questions they ask?I've had assessment days with swat and crowe clark whitehill if anyone wants some help with that. thanks!


Hi there
I am wanting to apply to SC just currently revising for online tests - what are there online tests like? was it a standard numerical reasoning and then verbal? What location have you applied to?


Hi I applied to saffery champness and Crowe clarke whitehill at the same time but they both use the same test agency and but both use numerical reasoning and then one uses verbal but the other used inductive reasoning , im really sorry I cant remember but you can open the test without doing it so you can practice that way:)


Interesting here.