Sachi & Sachi: graduate jobs, interviews, help!


Does anyone know anything about Sachi and Sachi and the grad scheme interviews? All advice welcome please!!


All I know is that it’s pretty hard to get in. There’s serious competition to get into advertising, and what’s worse, once you get there, the pay is low and the ladder steep.

That said it’s a cool and fun industry to work in, compared to some.


It’s a cooler industry to work in compared to most! Not many firms have a bar on premises and encourage you to drink for inspiration.

And they pay really isn’t that poor in advertising - £20 - £25k = typical grad starting salary at a big ad firm going up to £80 - £90 - £100k by your 40’s easily, if you’re good. If you become director you could make a fortune. There’s plenty of money in advertising!

The competition is serious though. There’s about 2 grad jobs a year at Satchi and Satchi and about 5,000 applications.

Good luck!


The people that get into this grad scheme are really smart, driven people. You, however, have struggled to spell the agency name. i suggest you give up now.