S&P Ratings CREDit Program


Hi everyone,

I have just been invited to sit a video interview with S&P. Does anyone have experience with that ? Thanks


I’ve been invited to a Hirevue interview with S&P as well. Does anyone have any idea what sort of questions should I expect?



Is your the first stage right? I have got a videoconference…did a telephone interview back in November…so I assume if the questions are similar will be around motivation for the programme, why S&P and some related competencies nothing too bad! Is your definitely video so record yourself etc?


Hi ivdimov001, Can you please share your experience about the video interview? Any technical questions? Thanks a lot.


Hi guys,

what did the hirevue interview consist of? it’d be nice if you could provide us with some details and advices



Have you done the interview? do you mind sharing some details? Thxx !


hi did you do the Hirevieu? could you please tell me more about the questions?