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Just a quick question: is it possible to get summer analyst position and then be offered a place in graduate programme for RUSSIAN student. What companies in investment banking field are ready to sponsor tier 1 work visa for international students?


@BorisKurbatov: follow this link to find out more at the UK Border Agency’s website

Down at the bottom right corner you have got a pdf file, which holds the ‘register of sponsors-employers’ section, if your prospective employer(the company you are applying to, sponsors Tier 2 visa) it will figure in that exhaustive list.

And the good news is all the Top and mid tier investment banks, as well as fund houses sponsor you, that is if and only if you get through their selection process and secure an offer.

From last April 2011, UK BA, no longer grants a Tier 1 work permit

So the only option left for international students like us is to go through Tier 2(general route), which is legal.

Hope this helps and good luck with your applications!



This is very encouraging infromation, thank you Abhi.


This is very encouraging infromation, thank you Abhi.


And just another quick point: what are chances to secure an offer for graduation programme without going to summer internship in the same company?


@BorisKurbatov: it really depends on an individual and the process is fiercely competitive for getting into IB.

Just try to gather as much know-how about a particular company’s recruitment process so that you are prepared before all the stages appropriately, and that puts you in good stand.

Good Luck!

hope this helps,