Rubbish Deloitte Feedback from Final Assessment Day


Okay I have to rant here… I wanted some feedback on my Final Assessment Day and Partner Interview and this is all I got. Can someone advise me? I would like more personal advice on how I can improve on my skills.

To be honest I think the Partner didn’t make an effort at all! When he introduced himself he wasn’t even making eye contact and was playing around with his fingers.

Can some one advise me what to do? I have called my graduate recruitment person before and she told me to wait for the email as the partner has not completed his notes… I received the email just today after one month of waiting… and it is below for all of you to read.

I’m really lost and confused, maybe it is just my bad luck? I thought they usually call you and tell you on places you can improve on?

Thank you for your request for feedback and my sincerest apologies for the delay. We do appreciate that it is disappointing for you not to have been made an offer to join our firm, and hope that this feedback will assist you with your future interviews.

As you will now be aware, we use a competency based selection process, which includes an interview and e-tray exercise at the final round. As you will no doubt be aware, you performed well on our psychometric test and first interview, scoring above the benchmarks required to progress to the final round.
Many candidates do not achieve this.

Our Final Assessment Day assesses a range of competencies (in essence skills, attitudes and behaviours) that are essential to undergraduates who are offered a place to work at Deloitte.

Although you performed well on all aspects of the e-tray exercise, unfortunately on this occasion you were unable to provide enough strong evidence against some of the competency areas covered during your final interview, as detailed below:
Summary of 2nd round partner interview -

  • Challenge & change/Self control
  • Career motivation and sector awareness
    Summary of E tray interview -
  • Challenge & change/Sense of control

We interview a very high number of undergraduates each year, and over the years we have gained a good insight into some of the main reasons why people are not successful during their interview. We have put together the following general hints and tips for you that we hope will be useful.

  • Make sure you prepare thoroughly - remember employers are looking for well-rounded candidates who can provide a variety of experiences to demonstrate their skills and abilities. Ensure you have thought of examples outside of those on your application form which demonstrate your skills. Simply talking about academic achievements will rarely be enough.
  • Really understand what job you are applying for. Do thorough research into what you will be expected to do on a day to day basis.
  • Thoroughly research the company you are applying to - be able to compare it with its competitors if asked.
  • Talk positively about your personal achievements - it might feel a little unnatural, but remember you only have a short time to impress your interviewer and give them a positive picture of you as a future employee.
  • Remember to look at your interviewer, smile and try to be relaxed - interviewers know you will be nervous and should try to put you at your ease.
  • Listen to the questions and make sure you answer it - if necessary ask for a moment to think of your best answer, or ask for clarification if you do not understand.
  • Try not to be fazed by assessment exercises; usually they are mimicking real life scenarios and it is important that you approach the exercises in a calm way, taking time to digest information rather than hurrying through the answers. Make sure you listen to all the instructions at the start as you may miss out on information vital to successfully completing the exercise if you don’t. don’t expect to finish everything - like psychometric tests many of these exercises are time pressured and are not designed to be completed.

I hope that this has been helpful for you and may I wish you the best of luck in finding suitable employment shortly.


Looks like their standard feedback - the big firms don’t really give that good feedback it is usually quite general and quite often ‘you were good BUT some random reason why they won’t take you’ even KPMG you say they will provide a page of feedback use a smaller than normal page!

I am afraid that is just the way it and life works!

You did really well to get to the assessment day

Put it behind you and concentrate on other opportunities

Best of luck!


Yep looks like a copy template and paste job


Happyendings, I picked up on your comment about the partner appearing not to be interested and I believe that you may have hit the nail on the head in that you have ticked all the boxes then it all fell apart at the partner interview which frequently can be as simple as not getting the right partner on the right day. No chemistry there, maybe. I could almost guarantee that if you went back to Deloitte after the prescribed time, you’d get through with a different partner. I know guys who have had that exact experience. First time round they knew there was no chemistery but next time thay had a different partner, chatted about ski-ing, rugby or whatever like great mates. Hardly any work talk…and he was offered the job. I think it’s not you but it’s the system. You’ll get an offer from someone else. No worries.


“I think it’s not you but it’s the system.”

The system sucks!


This is exactly same feedback I got last year. The partner who interviewed me couldnt of been less interested if he tried. Now I work for another Big 4 firm so screw them lol


Thanks everyone :slight_smile: I hope I get a real job soon! liyaah, which office was this?? Where are you working now?


I applied to Deloitte in Notts (place of uni) and now i work for PWC in Norwich (place of birth)


PM if you want PWC help xx :slight_smile:


I recieved my feedback from the partner during my interview and it wasn’t pretty:(


Sorry to hear that! I was just wondering what the partner said to you? I have my assessment day next week, and worried that the partners are going to be quite harsh!


Don’t want to be mean but maybe you just didn’t get on with the partner. I’ve taken a candidate out for lunch and had a chat with the interviewer and we both concurred that they were pretty good. Found out from the partner that he hated him and that was it.

Ultimately it’s down to the partner and most of them like to make candidates squirm or at least see how they react - or maybe it was just a bad day. This is where you have to say fk it and move on. Take note and try harder next time just don’t write it off as impossible.




Loquitur, I think your comment about " most of them like to make candidates squirm" is rather generalized and in your case probably based on a couple of rather atypical representatives of a firm. Fom my knowledge of partners they are keen to put the candidates at ease and treat them fairly and professionally. The partners are the face of the firm and why would they wish to give the firm a bad image? Ok some guys know straight away that the chemistry isn’t right but I would hope they are still capable of conducting a polite and professional interview.
Some candidates actually report back on a good rapport with partners and enjoyed the meeting with them.
Which firm are you with?


Yeah that’s fair comment, I have no basis on which to say “most of them”. My experience is that partners are very sharp people and that some of them certainly like to offer candidates an opportunity to distinguish themselves.

I don’t mean that as justification for not bothering or as an excuse for conducting the interview in any way which wasn’t polite of professional. In my interview, we finally made it to the end of an hour long interview and he asked me if I had any questions - cue signal of course for me to ask some stupid question to at least sound like I’m interested. To which the partner instantly said “you don’t have to ask questions for the sake of it, we can finish it now”.

Totally threw me off balance - what the hell do you do? I persisted and made an attempt at a more intelligent question and concluded the interview more gracefully. Now, I don’t know for sure whether he was just being a bit difficult or had something better to do (probably the latter). In any event it did make me try harder which I suppose worked out as I now work for them.

Big4 firm in London.


hi laura,

would you please be bale to provide an account of your ac? in particular, what qs did they ask at the partner interview in terms of commercial awareness and competencies and was the partner nice?

many thanks in advance…hope yo got the job :slight_smile:


sorry for the late answer. I think the partner just seemed really distant and not interested with the interview, he was about 20 mins late and he apologised about it but he seemed as if he didn’t even mean it. Oh wells, I looked up his name and he seems like some big shot… so I guess that says it all.

Hmm… and also just my luck… Oh well, better luck next time! Wish all you guys the best!