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rsm tenon

Does anyone have some experience with RSM Tenon internship and particularly their Summer Finance School? There is not much information about it on the Internet.



I have an interview for RSM Tenon summer finance school tomorrow. It is my 1st interview after the online tests and I have been told it is a competency based interview. Do you have any idea what to expect? Because there is not many people wrote about the experience of interviews at tenon for the finance school.



I have interview as well but on Tuesday. Which office have you applied to?
I am not sure what to expect either. I wish you good luck! Can you share your experience tomorrow after the interview, I would really appreciate it.


I have one tomorrow at 2.15pm for the Glasgow office. Where is yours for? What kind of questions have you prepared for?

I have focused mainly on teamwork, leadership and communication.

Yes of course I will come on and share my experience. If I have not updated by 5pm write on this wall because I will get an email to my phone and that will remind me to do it lol



OK. Thanks a lot! I have applied for the Edinburgh office.
Teamwork, leadership and communication are the main competencies yes. I have also prepared for working under pressure, initiative, creativity, influence, flexibility.

Good luck :wink:



The interview went a lot better than I expected as the two interviews were very friendly. They started off by asking a bit about me then went through my application and asking me about work experience etc…

They then asked me about 5 competency based questions about team work (2 or 3 on these), how i dealt with pressure and how i kept up to date with the business industry.

The interviews both had a sheet with about 10 questions on them but they just pick and choose what ones they want to ask. I hope this helps!

Good luck!


Thanks a lot. That really helped.
My interview went pretty well. My interviewers were also very friendly and I felt like I was out for a coffee with my friends. Everything was similar to your interview. We went through my application and CV. They seemed pretty interested in me and my experiences. Then a couple of competency based questions about teamwork, my role within the team, time management…
At the end the man said that he really liked me and they are going to discuss me after the interview and let me know what the outcome is in a couple of days.
I am still waiting.

Do you have any answer?



Thats good it went well!! Ive still not heard they said i should hear the start of this week so fingers crossed. :slight_smile:



Can anyone remember the competency based questions?

Long Story…