RSM Tenon job offers in Birmingham

rsm tenon

Hi all,

Has anyone had a job offer from RSM Tenon after the assessment day on the 8th March in Birmingham?



No not yet unfortuneately… :frowning: I’ve spoken to two others and they have yet to receive anything either. Fingers-crossed!



would you be able to explain the assessment day to me please as i have one coming up soon.




Indeed i do…any help you’d give would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.


Hi Bushido,

Have you or your two friends heard anything yet?

Do you think they have decided yet or they are taking their time?


Hey Mav01,

I heard back near the end of the day so I didn’t have a chance to speak to the other two. You haven’t received anything yet?


Hey Bushido,

No I havent heard anything, did you get the job?

What did they say to you?


Hey Mav01,

I spoke with my other 2 friends, one got the offer in Birmingham. Me and my other friend have been invited down to the Telford office to have an interview with the manager there. If they haven’t got back to you, I’m sure they will soon - probably tough decisions picking candidates.

Good luck.


Hey guys,

I got a a phonecall today. They havent given me the job offer but theyve invited me for an interview again for the birmingham office. Mav have you heard anything yet?


Hi abc,

what did they say to you?

I got rejected today,as I dont have the experience they require for audits.


Hi Mav,

They just said that mark and ian didnt get to know me as much as they wanted too and so wanted a 2nd round interview…she said she would get back to me regarding a date for it. Sorry to hear you didnt get it I guess you could just reapply for january position or next year


Hi guys,

Sorry to hear the bad news Mav, but as ABC said, you could reapply next time. ABC, you got another interview in Birmingham? That’s strange… I got invited to the Telford office for an interview too, did she tell you anything about it? ie. how long it would be?



yeah I know its strange. Im guessing they cant decide between a few candidates and this is another way to shortlist I guess. She said it would be no longer than an hour. Has she said anything about yours. Was telford your first choice office?



Telford was my second choice office but she said it was nearer to me so she’s going to shift me there instead. She didn’t say anything about it being an hour to me, it’s kind of a big step up from the interview we had on the assessment day - which was about 10-15minutes.



Oh okay well I guess you cant complain because weve still got a chance. Its a big step up I guess but we didnt really have a first round interview so theres still quite a bit we could talk about . Good luck for yours


You people must be crazy! DO NOT APPLY THERE! TRUST ME ITS SHIT


Why? I want to work there


Hi all,

Does anyone have any advice on the AC? I have one coming up in the Bham office. Any pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: