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Anyone have any advice/pointers for the assessment centre? The structure of the day etc and how to prepare… what sort of interview questions they ask? Thanks.


Hi all,

I have reached the AC stage for internal audit position. Some advice on the telephone interview if anyone has one coming up… They asked usual questions:

What do you know about RSM Tenon?
Why RSM Tenon?
What do you know about the role?
Why Internal Audit?
What qualification would you like to study and why?
What skills/strengths can you bring to the role?
Why did you choose your university and course?
What was your biggest achievement?
Describe yourself in 3 words.

That’s all I can remember right now.


Hey! Well done for getting through to the AC stage! :slight_smile:

Heres a bit about the AC from my experience -

At the AC it is very relaxed and very friendly and they just want to find out more about you and see if you would fit into the company. I’ve been to AC for other companies and this one felt so much more enjoyable and relaxing. To start off the day we had a talk from one of the managers telling us a bit more about the company and the job and giving us the chance to ask questions. Then we had our interviews. These were only 15 minutes long and felt like an informal chat! They asked similar questions to the telephone interview and asked for more details about things you put on the application form. It was very laid back and a good chance to ask any questions! While everyone else had their interviews you were given a card with a topic on for which you had to prepare a 3 minute individual presentation which was given later that day. Mine was on ‘internet dating’ but it could be anything really, they didn’t care about the content they just wanted to see presentation style. After this we had an english test and a mathematical test which weren’t too hard. Finally there was a group task which was dragon den style where we had to come up with a new product and then present it as a group! As I said the day was very enjoyable and laid back!

Hope that helps!


Hey Becca1990,

Thanks for the quick response. That helped a lot! It’s what everybody else has been saying too so hopefully my day should be structured a similar way. Thanks again for that :slight_smile:


No problem! Good luck for it! :slight_smile:


Hey, I had my A/C a week ago today and still awaiting a response. Should I be worried? How long do they usually take if they’re going to offer you a position? I should say thought that my A/C was individual assessments and no group tasks as there were only a few candidates. They did say they had a few more candidates to interview after me so maybe they are still deciding. I’m just getting a bit worried…


I should say though**



After my AC I got the call the next day but they did say it could take up to 2 weeks so I wouldn’t be to worried! Especially if they have more people to interview as they will want to wait until they have seen everyone before they make a decision/let people know!!! Give it a few more days and if you still haven’t heard anything and you’re still worried then you could chase them!


Hey, thanks that’s very reassuring. I just spoke to someone from my uni who also got offered a position and they got back to him after 3 weeks! So I guess it’s not over just yet…


I was waiting about 2 weeks too so I wouldn’t read anything into it. If you felt it went well it probably did :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

Could anyone PLEASE share some light into the content (type of things included) of their application. More specifically, their answer to the question, how do you think you can add value to RSM Tenon?

Your help will be much appreciated.

Many thanks


I talked about the fact that i got a top degree from a top uni and what this showed about me and how it would benefit me at rsm(eg. hard worker = will pass the qualification). I then went on to talk about some stuff on my cv that demonstrated communication skills that will help when dealing with clients. Then just summed up with a big sell of myself such as saying im computer literate, able to think things through logically and stuff like that. Hope it helps


Hey guys, I had my telephone interview this morning and as most seem to hear instantly that they have been successfull, I was wondering if anyone managed to pass the interview but hear back at a later date?



Hey Dominic,

I had my telephone interview around the end of October and only just heard back I passed last Friday (16th Nov). The email said I would be contacted again in the next couple of weeks with further info about the AC. I applied for Jan 2013 Audit btw.


@DMSTONEBRIDGE and @yikesyikes2

What kind of questions were you asked in the telephone interview? Any advice on the type of questions?

I have mine on Thusrsday for a summer start in London for Tax, i’m pretty worried :confused:


Hey @af214 Hope your interview went well. Can i ask what questions you were asked as I have mine soon.


I had my telephone interview on thursday too. It lasted for half an hour and i was asked the standard. why tenon, why audit, why degree and university. when had i displayed team work, problem solving and leadership. It was pretty standard to be fair, at the end i was told i would hear in 2 weeks.


Guys when did you apply? I applied in November to the London office for audit for August start. Called HR today and they said they are not screening London candidates until March!


Hey guys

My experience was the same as Aobasusi12_. I got asked the exact same questions and was told I would hear in 2 weeks.

@CardSharp My application was for Tax in the London office for an August start. Maybe they are processing different departments at different times. I applied in early November iirc and only heard back from them last week.


Ok thanks