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I just received an offer from RSM Tenon starting in August 2012 in their Audit department in Leeds! :smiley:

Just wondered if anyone else had received an offer from them???


Good luck, heard that the 7th largest accounting firm in UK is in trouble - see the London stock exchange for details.


Good luck, heard that the 7th largest accounting firm in UK is in trouble - see the London stock exchange for details.


Hey, when did you apply and when was your AC? I submitted the application form back in December but still haven’t heard anything.


Haha they’re not in trouble as such, its just that shareholder panic is making it seem worse than it is! All other companies are struggling, they can just keep it private because they aren’t publically listed companies. So nothing out of the ordinary to worry about!

Lancat - I think I applied in about November. I then got asked to do online tests and then had a telephone interview in December. My assessment centre was last week (Weds) in Leeds. Which office have you applied to? I think you should try to chase them as they are holding the AC around this time!


In the last 2 days the shares have gone up 2p from 6p to 8p

Committed bank facilities of £88.0m to 31 October 2012 agreed in principle. Positive negotiations continue to secure long term funding

· Revenue down 9.3% to £107.8m (2010 restated: £118.9m)

· Loss on continuing operations of £70.6m after impairment of goodwill of £60.7m (2010 continuing loss restated: £1.9m)

· Adjusted loss per share* (2.99p) (2010 restated earnings per share: 2.03p)

· Basic loss per share (21.9p) (2010 restated loss per share: (0.58p))


I have also got an offer from RSM Tenon recently, but am wandering if it will be too risky to accept it - considering the troubled position it is in. I have also read that RSM Tenon will be implementing a headcount reduction in the next few months and that PwC have issued a going concern warning to them.

What are people’s thoughts on accepting an offer from them? Is it too risky to start work with them considering the position it is in? Advice would be helpful.


Ah cool. Which office is your offer for? I don’t think its risky at all because they wouldn’t be giving out offers if they were worried at all. And you have to remember that all companies are suffering in this economic climate, you just hear more about RSM Tenon than others because its a publically listed company. I don’t think its any more risky than accepting an offer from any of the other accountancy companies. And if you remember at the AC they said that themselves, and that they will always be committed to taking on and training graduates because they are the future of the company.


How long did it take for them to get back to you to tell you whether you got it or not?


I got a phone call from them the day after the AC


Hi All

I applied for a gradutae role in November 2011, I must state that the start date was Jan 2012. I completed online tests in December and have not heard anything back from RSM - no rejection or acceptance.

I was wondering whether anyone else is/was in a similar position. I have phonned RSM up several times, each time they stated that it is an on-going selection process and I should wait between the end of April-October to hear something back.

Congratulations to all those who have recieved places or reached AC etc; did any of you apply to the Jan12 start date? The specific role I was interested in was Internal Audit and Risk Management.



Hi Lancat

Have you heard anything back from RSM as yet?

If you don’t mind me asking, which role did you apply for, at which centre and what start date … ?

I applied late November, did online tests and then have not heard anything back since.

I applied for Internal Audit and Risk Management for Jan12 start date in London.

Thank You



Hi Sp007,
Funny though I just received an email saying they have finished the recruitment for the position I applied and thank you for my interest!
I applied in December and heard nothing since. I emailed no response; I phoned and was told for Jan 2012 start I should hear something by April. I just checked their website Audit positions for Aug start are still open. I applied for Jan start but also stated that I would be ok for Aug! I didn’t event get asked to complete the tests.

Looking at Internal audit for London they still advertise immediate start. You have also completed online tests so I would imagine you got a far bigger chance than the position I was in to proceed to AC, provided you passed your tests. I would follow up again and get yourself booked in a AC sooner than later.


Hi Becca,

I’m starting in August in Rochdale! Are you going to the induction on 21st?



Hey smithies21!

Congrats! I haven’t heard anything about an induction yet, is that for everyone or just a certain office/department? 21st of which month?



I have a telephone interview for internal audit position. Does anyone have any advice or pointers. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


21st August.


Hey Lancat … Thank you for your feedback.

Hi Moshumi, I do not have any personal advice for the telephone interview, but I have seen a wikijob page dedicated to the telephone interview for Rsm Tenon. It was created by a fellow use.

Follow the above link.

Also if you don’t mind me asking, which location did you apply for and was it for an the January intake?



Hi spoo7,

I got to the assessment centre! They let me know straight away after the telephone interview. It is for the Birmingham office and there is only one position available. They said that there will be around 5 candidates in the AC. It is for August start.


Anyone have any advice/pointers for the assessment centre? The structure of the day etc and how to prepare… what sort of interview questions they ask? Thanks.