RSM Tenon AC Dec 7th Bham

rsm tenon

Anyone attending the ac listed above? Just curious


I am…


still not heard back, had telephone interview on monday, went ok but not amazing, so waiting to hear


I was told at the end of the telephone interview. Try giving them a call back


Snowman1990 …do you know what to prepare ? I am just going by what the lady said on the phone



I will be there…
Very excited :slight_smile:


I’m just going along with what she said.

Pretty nervous about the individual presentation though considering we won’t be given any time to prepare


ah, that doesnt sound good, yer ill ring them if I dont find out tomorrow.

Did all you guys get told at the end of the interview?

@phili14 excited?, about an assessment centre…


Well, I’d love to work for RSM Tenon, that’s why I’m just excited to just get it over it with, and hopefully get an offer.

Why do you think your interview didn’t go as well?


@phili14 yer thats fair enough. Noo response today still. I dunno I just went blank on a couple of questions which werent really that hard so should have been more prepared, I really dont like phone interviews much prefer face-to-face. Got asked 3 words to describe myself and couldnt think of a third and I went blank for ages.



I have an AC coming up in the Birmingham office for internal audit position. Anyone have any pointers/advice? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

Just wondering if you could share your experiences about the RSM tenon AC?