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Hey guys,

I was just wondering if anyone has had a telephone interview for RSM Tenon as part of their 2014 intake? I have one coming up on Monday and dont really know what to expect because of the acquisition by Baker Tilly.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I was actually wondering the same thing. Expect the usual Why baker tilly, why audit, what do you expect to do in the first year, what do you know about the ACA (audit intake). I rang Baker Tilly and they said they’ll expect you to know about the recent acquisition. Anyway how did your interview go? Any tips?


I had an interview with them 3 weeks ago and they said it would take around 2-3 weeks for a decision. The questions were fairly standard; why RSM Tenon? why audit? why did you choose your course/uni? what do you know about the qualification? and a few competency ones.

I’m not sure how the recent acquisition will effect the process (they didn’t mention it at all in my interview).


i just got an invite to the AC after my phone interview from RSM tenon…but it was from baker tilly recruitment (who i had got rejected from a few weeks ago lol) so i guess i got a second shot with baker tilly. Anyone else in same position?

Ye questions were the standard


How long ago was your telephone interview, solid_545?


a month ago


I had a phone interview with RSM about 2.5 weeks ago and they were just the usual questions of why RSM, why audit. they didn’t mention the acquisition and i didn’t bring it up because when i applied i had they were still RSM. I haven’t heard anything back yet but they did say a reply would be in about 2-3 weeks. Was even considering giving them a call.


It sounds like they’re just starting to give out decisions on the phone interviews, so I reckon we should all hear in the next few days. Couldn’t do any harm to phone them up though.


I actually wasnt allowed to do my RSM Tenon phone interview as they said I could only have one application with Baker Tilly and this was after the acquisition. Did anyone else get this?


gave RSM Tenon a call and they said they were still in the process of doing telephone interviews for the london audit role. They also said to wait till mid november for any replies. hopefully, they will reply soon


Has anyone had an interview recently?

Just wondering whether I should concentrate on talking about Baker Tilly or RSM Tenon, thats all?
Because some of you here mention they asked about: why RSM Tenon whereas others were asked about why Baker Tilly?

Therefore, anyone who had a recent interview, who could shed some light on the questions asked, would be greatly appreciated.


Hi rc1234,
The recent acquisition of RSM by Baker TIlly has caused some confusion. TBH as long as you show awareness of the recent news you’ll be fine. There were some competencies like team work etc just brush up on them. You need to know what you’ll be doing in the first year and know about the qualification you’ll be studying. As far as the Why rsm/Baker Tilly goes they are very similar, they are smaller then the big 4, comprise slightly different clients and more diversity.

Let me know how it goes… was it the audit programme you applied to?



Hey Tony,

Thanks for that.
Yeah I am applying for audit.
Will let you know how it goes.