RSM Gradaute 2019


Yes me too! I applied for Internal audit! You? :smiley:


Inbox me your number!! :slight_smile:

It’ll be nice to know someone at the AC beforehand! haha!


Hi Sarah how did your Assessment Centre go?


If someone is prepping for AC currently, let’s get in touch? I’d like to team up and prep!


Inbox me your number


Hey i’m prepping for the internal audit interview!!


Hey! I’m prepping for it. When is your AC?


Hey! When is your interview/AC?


Had an emergency, so had to cancel :confused:
Being rescheduled in to the 15th Feb, if im not mistaken! They are going to send out an invitation to me soon apparently!


When is yours? i think mine is on the 15th feb!


applied for internal audit as well. When is your AC? Mines on 15th Feb


Anyone heard back from corporate finance role London ?


Aw ok best of luck!


Just finished the video and it was awful. Mind went blank halfway through one of the questions that I thought I’d answer best. Oh well.


Best of luck! Could you share what kinds of the questions it were? How many questions need to be answered? Thanks a lot


Has anyone heard anything on Economic & Policy Consulting yet? I was told my video interview was successful in December but have yet to hear anything about an AC.


I don’t suppose anyone knows how long it takes for contracts to come through, I had my formal offer 2 weeks ago tomorrow so just waiting for all the details to come through


Anyone else waiting for an AC invite for audit in Edinburgh?



I was wondering if anyone that attended the AC for internal auditing could tell me how the process was and the questions asked? I have got mine on Friday:zipper_mouth_face:


How did it go?