RSM Gradaute 2019


What date is the assessment centre?


Mine’s on 1st Feb!


Which office is that at?




Hey everyone,

I have an AC coming up end of Jan and would be very grateful if anyone can give me some tips to prepare for the strength based interview. Also for the group activities, was there any task where you had to discuss as a group about a case study or was it just sorting out beads and stuff as mentioned above.

Many thanks


Anyone had a vid interview or AC for Corporate finance (M&A/DD) ?



Is this on 1st Feb Reading? Cause ill be there!!


Nope it’s in London


Best of luck - let me know how you get on! :slight_smile:


Thanks, you too :slight_smile:


Is anyone still waiting to hear back after doing the initial tests? Been waiting since end of November


Gotta give them a call and keep pushing!

Think you may be behind a line!


Same here. I got an email to say I’d passed the tests but would be contacted when to do the video interview.

Been months now so might have to email them tomorrow and ask


Haven’t heard anything since passing video interview. Anyone else in the same boat?


Yeah me too, what have you applied for?


Reposting this again, but anyone going to the 1st Feb AC in Reading?

Looking for friends - maybe we can study together :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, does anyone have any tips for RSM AC? and what the structure was like?
Is it similar to PWC or?


Hi there, congratulations on getting the job! I’ve just heard back myself about my assessment centre for the Newcastle corporate finance exec which I passed, did you have to meet any of the managers at Newcastle?


Yeah I had to meet the audit manager and the HR manager as mine was external audit, I imagine yours will be something to do with finance rather than audit however. It was really enjoyable and they were so friendly so don’t worry about it! Good luck😊


Yeah of course! Thank you for the reply! I wasn’t expecting an additional step after the assessment centre but you’ve put my mind at ease that it’s just super informal


Hey! I’ve got an invite for the AC on 1st Feb in Reading as well! What role have you applied for?