RSM Gradaute 2019


Anyone got a video interview for corp finance London ?

Passed the tests but waiting on the VI


have u got an invite for a video interview yet? I’ve done my tests 3 weeks ago and still waiting for a response :frowning:


Yeah I did my video interview in October


may i know how is the interview process like? more situational/competency/strengths based? are we given a case study and expected to do some calculations too? and how did u find it! thank you lots xx


Hey, congrats on getting an offer! You’ve done really well
I have an assessment centre next week so absolutely any help is really really appreciated, thank you so much for the information you’ve given.
I had a question: do you have any tips for the micro exercises, what did you do well? Also do they ask you about the role in the interview and any questions like why should we pick you?

Thanks so much


The video interview was competency based if I remember correctly, sorry was a while since I did it


Hi and thank you!
The individual exercises I would say make sure you’ve done your research for the one where you have to prepare the work before hand. It will literally be impossible to do well in this if you haven’t got more in your head about what you’ve had to research.
They didn’t ask me anything about the role or why they should pick me in my interview at all. The questions are set and they’re not allowed to deviate away from them to ask any other questions, they’re simply based on strengths and that’s it.

Hope this helps and good luck!


What division and for what office ?


Hi, I just had my assessment centre this week, it went really well, thanks for your help. I was wondering how long did they take to give you an offer. Also, when I log into my account it’s showing my application as withdrawn/other, was it the same for you, I’m quite worried, what does it say on your account? Please let me know.
Thank you so much


hi guys, I’ve got my video interview coming up in the next couple of days and was wondering whats the format of it? could any kind soul shed some light here please x is it more situational/competency/strengths based? and do we have to do any sort of case study analysis or calculations? thank y’all in advance :slight_smile:


Corp finance and Manchester


Hi, it was a mix of strengths and competency questions, I did mine around 2 1/2 months ago so I can’t quite remember the questions but I think the first question was something like; what do you like doing in your spare time?
Hope that helps


thank you!! any calculations/analysis? :slight_smile:


Nopeee no calculations


hey guys, how long after did it take to hear back from the video interview? x :slight_smile:


I heard back after a couple of weeks


Does anyone have a RSM AC coming up?

I got the email stating that I have passed the interview and will be contacted about the next steps soon!

Did anyone sit for the RSM AC (Internal Audit)? How did you find it?


I’m still waiting to hear back after passing my video interview. I applied for London Audit


Hey have you heard back?

I got an invite to the AC today!


No I’ve not heard anything