RSM Gradaute 2019


Hello, have you done the RSM Vedic interview? could you give me some suggestions or information? lovely


Has anybody heard back for corp finance yet?


Got an email after I did the online test saying i passed and then to do the video interview

Day later they emailed me saying they emailed me by accident about the video interview. They confirmed I defo passed but that they would contact me again soon about the next process.



They said I passed and they’d tell me about AC dates soon, but they sent that email almost 2 months ago.

What department and city did you apply for?


Corp fin London

So you’ve already had your video interview ?
Shit don’t know why they would’ve sent me that then even though I passed the online tests


hi! I’m still waiting to hear back after completing the tests? its been nearly 3 weeks though…


HI, Congratulations on your offer!!! I have an assessment centre at RSM on Wednesday, I just wanted a little insight on what questions you were asked in the interview, were there any tricky or unexpected questions?? Also what was the case study about?, was it just reading or could you make notes. I will really appreciate a response. Congratulations again!!



Hi, thank you! Honestly the questions in the interview were completely fine, just strength based questions asking how you would deal with certain scenarios, but they don’t try and catch you out or anything! The case study changes for every interview I would presume as it has to be an unseen one, but you could make notes about it and refer back to it when presenting.

Good luck with your AC :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply! did they give questions with the case study or did you just have to present back what you read?

Thank you, I really hope it goes well!!


Did anyone just get the email about closing the applications temporarily so they can organise AC’s?


What division did you apply for?


They gave me a list of three questions which they wanted my presentation to focus on, but my assessor was also able to ask further questions about the case study too.


OK thank you so much, that’s really helpful


Hi again, I actually have one more question, I was wondering which office you had your assessment centre at and also roughly how long was your interview. Thank You


The interview itself was around 20-30 mins maybe? It’s hard to judge time in that situation, and the whole AC was around 3 hours long. Mine was at the Newcastle office :slight_smile:


yeah true, ok thank you so much, that’s great doesn’t sound too bad.


Passed the video interview a month ago and haven’t heard anything about an AC yet. Anyone got an AC for London?


I got an email saying is passed the video interview at the end of October. Got one the other day saying they were closing the applications to sort of shortlisting for an AC. I applied for Audit in London


hiya, me too! I’ve got an email just yesterday asking if i wanted to transfer my application outside of london audit because apparently they are closing it to arrange acs. i’m not rly sure what to do? are you gonna transfer or just stay as it is? also, are there any pros/cons of transferring vs staying?


No clue about pros Vs cons, I’ve not been asked to switch yet, just been told I might have to