RSM Gradaute 2019


I was invited but no details when or where it’ll be, do you know when yours will be?


not sure either, just found out i passed today


which office/role


Guildford - Audit


Hi could you provide me with the email for the recruitment team? Cant see to find it anywhere. Thanks


Anyone been given the date for their AC? I found out almost two weeks ago, passed the video interview but still received no response.


Just got my online test feedback, team worker was one of my lower strengths as well as data interpreter (even though the assessment wasn’t timed?) Anyone here pass with these being their lower strengths?


Hi has anyone got some tips for the online assesment?


Hi guys,

I attended an assessment centre at RSM last week and received my job offer today for the audit graduate scheme. The assessment centre has changed a lot for 2018 compared to what I’ve read about and we were the first set of candidates to do it.
I’d be happy to answer any questions about it :slight_smile:


was this for sept 19 intake? congrats tho! what was the layout of the ac


It is indeed! The AC layout started with the interview, which was with an HR person and a department relevant manager, so for me it was the audit manager. We then had to do two individual exercises, one of which we had to prep before hand (received the details on the email with the invitation to the AC) basically researching a business and anything about it that interested us. For this, we had 10 mins to talk about the report we’d prepared and also got asked further questions on it, and then we had another exercise where we were given some information about a random business and had 5 mins to read through it and 5 mins to present the information back. For myself these were the hardest part of the AC, because the time went so fast! The final part of the day was a group exercise, where we were given loads of random tasks (e.g. sorting beads out into colours, making paper aeroplanes) and we had to work as a team to get as many of them done in 3 mins, then we had a small reflection interview at the end to see what we could have done better, then that was everything! Hope this helps you :slight_smile:



Roughly 2 weeks ago i was told i had passed my online tests and then asked to take a Video Interview.

A day later they said it i was mitakenly sent the Video Interview invite but i had definetly passed the online test.

Anyone else had the same? for Corp Fin



AC (London) on the 6th of December. Took them over a month to arrange AC after video interview, and this is for Jan '19 intake.

Would appreciate some further insight on the AC. I know it starts with a group exercise and at some point required to present a 10 minute presentation (prep’d in advance) on why I would be a good fit to the team.


They’ve changed the whole AC for 2018! If you read my post above it tells you what happens, but there’s no 10 minute presentation on why you would be a good fit or anything, but I’ve detailed everything that happened above :slight_smile:


I did read it, thank you for the insight! Appreciate it! I was sent an email yesterday to prepare for a 10min presentation:

“Tell us why your experience, skills and personality mean that you would be well suited to a career in Corporate Tax with RSM.”

Maybe it varies from role or location?

In a previous email they said:

What to expect
The session will begin with a group exercise. If you pass, you’ll be interviewed by an RSM manager or partner. Make sure you keep the whole day free.

They did mention before that they had a lot of applications for roles this January which could explain why they streamlined the process?


Apologies, I didn’t realise you’d applied for the corporate tax role! They did say that it varied by role and this was just what they did for auditing so yeah yours will be different, good luck though!


has anyone been given an ac date for august 2019 start


My AC that I had last week was for August 2019 start, they did say they were running loads in Leeds and Hull in the next few weeks too. Not sure where you’ve applied but they have started running them now.


Hello babe, have you done the RSM Vedic interview? could you give me some suggestions or information? lovely


hello, do you remember the ram video interview and could you give me some information about it ? many thanks.